What Are Some Unique Activities to Try on Vacation?

Posted on Feb 25 2022 - 10:35am by Katie Tejada

What Are Some Unique Activities to Try on Vacation?

You will soon be saying sayonara to your 9-to-5 and hello to beaches and downtime—for days on end. But although you look forward to some R&R, your inner adventurer is also looking to experience some thrills and frills (and even chills).

The good news? It’s more than possible to find activities that will excite you, stimulate you, and even shock you as you navigate a foreign land or another city in the United States.

Here’s a rundown on the top unique activities to indulge in on your upcoming vacation if you’re serious about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Sea Turtle Swimming

Headed to Cancun, Mexico? Consider taking time to go swimming with the gorgeous sea turtles there. In addition to swimming with the turtles, you may have the opportunity to go scuba diving, kayaking, or snorkeling with them as well. 
This surreal experience will allow you to get up close and personal with nature’s gentle giants (they can get as big as six feet long and 2,000 pounds). So, it can be both exciting and educational for any turtle lover.

Gel Ball

If you love playing paintball, it’s time to sign up for an experience that will blow paintball out of the water—gel style. The activity is called gel ball, and you can find it in Australia. 

With this activity, you’ll shoot at other people with water-filled balls instead of paintballs—or air pellets that have been compressed. You and your group will be divided into a couple of teams of 6-12 people, and every player will get five balls and plenty of water canisters. Whichever team gets 50 points (from 50 successful shots) first wins.

Whale Watching

Ready to get your heart racing—in a good way—and feel alive again? Book a Dana Point Whale Watching safari the next time you make your way to Southern California. This unique vacation activity will breathe new life into you by giving you an adrenaline rush each time you see the magical 100-foot-long creatures leap out of the water.

In addition to seeing whales, be prepared to see a wide variety of other creatures, too—creatures like birds, sea lions, sharks, and dolphins—during your whale watching safari.

unique activities

Whale Mammal Animal Marine – Free photo on Pixabay

Volcano Visit

Looking for a little sizzle in your vacation experience? Add visiting a volcano to your to-do list. 

For instance, if you’re visiting the Southwest Pacific Ocean island country of Vanuatu, you’ll come across some of the world’s most gorgeous volcanoes. These volcanoes are active and are, in fact, still growing as a result of tectonic movement. So, viewing them couldn’t be a better way to enjoy a unique, enthralling experience—and one you can capture proof of on camera.

Chocolate Factory Visit

Chocolate lovers unite! At an iconic chocolate factory located at your travel destination, such as Peru, you and fellow chocolate connoisseurs can satisfy both your sweet tooth and your curiosity about all things related to confection creation. 

Get ready to learn anything and everything there is to know about the making of chocolate. During your chocolate factory tour, you may learn about the process of roasting cocoa beans, boiling beans, and fermenting beans to remove the bitterness. You’ll also learn about the various types of chocolates made in the past following the discovery of cocoa plants. And the best part? You’ll have the chance to taste some of the chocolates being made—an irresistible way to top off the day.

Food Dessert Pralines – Free photo on Pixabay


Imagine the feeling of the wind blowing in your face and washing all of your cares and stresses away one breezy gust at a time. This can easily become your reality if you choose to go windsurfing during your next vacation, especially if you’re going to a popular windsurfing destination, like Argentina.

During your excursion, you can take in the picturesque scenery surrounding you—

think shimmery waters and snow-capped mountains—as you unwind and relax. You’ll also simultaneously get a workout. That’s the added bonus you need to feel your best holistically, from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective

Cooking Fun

Want to unleash your inner chef and enjoy high-end cuisine in the process? Sign up for a cooking class during your next vacation, or embark on a food tour. Both of these excursions are excellent alternatives to simply dining at a restaurant yet again.

For instance, take a cooking class in the home of a local chef in countries like Portugal and Thailand, which will add to your local perspective. Meanwhile, on a food tour, you’ll walk to local eateries to indulge in a wide variety of local flavors over a two- to four-hour period. If you’re a libation lover, you can also enjoy paying a visit to a number of local breweries or distilleries to discover some new favorite beers or wines while also enjoying your old favorites.

Water Slide

If water activities are a must for you when you go on vacation, then carve out time for a water slide adventure. For instance, in Brazil, you can try out Agua Park or Beach Park along Rio De Janeiro’s east coast. 

Be prepared (as prepared as you can be) for quick-flowing rapids as well as bubbling pools of warm water. And take a break from the rapids from time to time by relaxing in large hammocks. You’ll feel like you’re living your best life at an oasis—and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Take Your Vacation Unique Activities to a Whole New Level Today!

Vacation is more than just an opportunity to break away from the day-to-day. It’s also an opportunity to get your feet wet (so to speak) and experience a range of emotions that have been buried for far too long—feelings like anticipation, excitement, and even stomach knots that come undone through adrenaline-filled moments of ecstasy.

Consider the above-mentioned unique activities on your next trip across the nation or the globe. With the right combination of unique activities, you can easily elevate your travel experience and learn firsthand what it means to live again.

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