RV Road Trip Meals that are Super Easy and Tasty

Posted on Jan 2 2024 - 9:49pm by TravelFore

If you’re planning to head off in an RV for a big family road trip at some point this year, you’re probably a little worried about feeding your family good and tasty food. Depending on how long you’re going to be on the road, RV road trip meals could turn into a big problem by the time you get home again! 

However, you can’t eat out at restaurants every night – no one has the money for that! But what are you supposed to do otherwise? How can you cook hearty meals from inside the RV when you’ve only got a tiny kitchen and a bit of storage space to deal with? 

Well, it’s all about making good use of the space, reusing ingredients in various ways, and being able to think outside the box with your cooking skills. If you want a little inspiration on how to do that, check out the ideas for your RV road trip meals below!

Loaded Pitta Breads

Pitta breads can be easily frozen as well, so you can buy a couple of big packs and keep them in the mini freezer throughout the whole trip. Take them out, toast them lightly on your little stove to ensure they’ve properly defrosted, and then cut them open to pop anything you like inside. Sliced bell peppers and chillies, with a dash of mayonnaise or barbecue sauce, and you’ve got a tasty, healthy meal ready to go without much effort. 

You can even just eat pittas on their own if you want a quick snack. Break them apart after toasting and add a bit of butter or olive oil and then sprinkle with cheese or chilli flakes – super easy and super tasty.


Pizza is so easy to make. Indeed, it was invented to make use of leftover ingredients from other dishes, and if you’ve got some cheese and tomatoes left over in your little RV fridge, this is where you use them up. 

All you need for quick pizza dough is flour and water, although you can follow a properly tasty homemade pizza dough if you want to make a truly delicious dish. 

Seriously, pizza is deceptively easy to put together and slip into the oven – it’s only going to take about 10 minutes to cook all the way through and then dinner is served. If you’re pushed for time and need to get on the road soon, this is definitely the meal to depend on.

Skillet Meals

One-pot meals, skillet meals, or one-pan meals – whatever you like to call them – are perfect for traveling in an RV. You can tailor-make them to whatever ingredients are accessible to you at the time, as long as you’ve got a nice saucy base and plenty of things to throw in. 

From cans of beans to chunks of pineapple, no matter what’s left over before you head home again, break the skillet out and spend half an hour stirring it all together. That means a skillet or a deep dish pan of some kind needs to be the number one thing you pack in the van before you set off on your road trip!


You can buy buns from whatever supermarket you pass on the way through town, grab some fillings such as meat (if you eat that) or tasty tofu and/or flavored falafel if you’re veggie or vegan, and then put it all together later on. 

All you need now is a bag of potatoes you can peel and cut into fries and pop them in an oily pan – a full, fun meal the kids are going to love seeing on the table.

Pasta Never Fails

Worst comes to worst, and you’ve got nothing else to use in your meal for the night while you’re camped out in the middle of nowhere, stick on a pot of pasta. If you’ve got a few spices in the cupboard – as in every kitchen, no matter how small – you can come up with a tasty meal for dinner.

From garlic paste to onion spice to a bit of all spice that makes everything taste nice, cook up the pasta, add common fridge items like milk and cheese to form a sauce, and then sprinkle your spices and condiments on top. Voila! All done and you’ve got a nice big pan of pasta to dig into; that’ll give you plenty of energy for the morning. 

Eating out of an RV doesn’t need to be complicated. Just pack the essentials above!

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