About Us

Travelfore brand begins with a bold, singular idea connecting people to the power and joy of human journeys that inspire, surprise and entertain. It’s a place for people to experience great storytelling, shared human connections, and engaging talent that celebrates the surprising encounters that happen right here and right now. Travelfore personality is authentic, inquisitive, surprising and fun. It’s open-eyed and open-minded, living in the moment, and finding surprises where others might not see them. It’s about embracing the journey and realizing that life is a trip, authentic and real. People don’t just come to find out about a destination, but to experience amazing moments. Travel Here!

Our Team:

  • Shem MD – Travelfore Owner’s
  • Arif Santoso – Webmaster and SEO

Travelfore is headquartered in Malang, East Java, and maintains Editor in Tangerang and Jakarta.

Parent Company: Media Travel Interactive
Broadcast Hours: 9 AM to 3 AM
Launch Date: June 1, 2013

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