Planning a 5 Day Trip to Nicaragua- What to do and Watch Out?

Posted on Jan 21 2014 - 2:12pm by Tim Scott

Are you visiting Nicaragua for the first time? It will be great if you plan a 5 day trip to this destination. Your five day trip could cover the rich culture, picturesque landscapes, lush jungles, island tours and amazing boat rides. While Nicaragua is too wide to explore completely in five days, you can still do and watch a lot in your family vacation.

What all you can do and watch out in Nicaragua on a 5 day trip?

Day 1

Arrive at Managua to Rio San Juan

After arriving and having breakfast at your hotel in Managua, take a domestic flight to San Carlos. Meet the local guides and explore the place own the Rio San Juan to the riverside town of El Castillo. On this boat tour, you can watch out the amazing wildlife which is essentially known as the Gold Route. Keep your eyes throughout your journey and spot the entire species of birds and monkeys to Nicaragua. Lunch will be served to you on the boat en route.

Day 2:

Juan Venado Island Tour

On the second day, visit to Juan Venado island, a natural reserve at Nicaragua’s Pacific coast offering a habitat for a wide number of beautiful wetland creatures, birds, and sea turtles. Do watch these native species and relish the outstanding sand beaches as you voyage through the island via your boat. You can then enjoy a perfect lunch at a restaurant in Las Penitas.

Day 3:

Selva Negra and San Jacinto mud pots

This morning, you must do something unique. After having breakfast at your hotel, you can go on a long drive to San Jacinto Mud Pots. This place is certainly geologically impressive. You can rest and see the boiling mud pits and steaming vents that offer a splendid display. So, this site is just amazing to explore on the 3rd day of your Nicaragua family trip.

Day 4:

Visit Granada, City Tour & Boat Ride

This is your second last day when you can definitely drive to Colonial Granada which was founded in 1524. The place is rich with culture, beautiful in architecture and has a area filled with magnificent homes, churches, patios and more. Here, you can stroll through the overwhelming streets and get lost into the amazing ambiance prior to relishing a lunch at a restaurant.

Day 5:

Enjoying the last day at Ometepe Island

On the last day of your tour, you should not miss exploring the Ometepe Island. This tour will indeed allow you to discover the ever beautiful wildlife, ecosystem alongside the popular Istiam River. This will just consume your three hours and you can then relax the island at your leisure.

The five day trip to Nicaragua will be as exciting as it seems. So, what is making you wait so long? Pack your bags and embark on an ever memorable journey of your life.

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