Top Money Saving Tips for Your Train Journey in the UK

Posted on Aug 14 2016 - 4:28pm by Tim Scott

With train tickets prices skyrocketing and a record number of daily commuters spending over £5,000 in a year on their train travelling (add that too, with no guarantee of a seat!) – people have desperately started looking for some good deals and discounts that can help them save money on their daily commuting.

Trainline App has worked its way among the consumers with its go-to solution for saving money on train tickets. The app gives you the privilege to be in control, even when the plan changes as it allows you to access live platform and departure information, journey planning and smart mobile tickets from anytime anywhere. You can also get in detailed information about their services with the help of their dedicated team at Trainline Contact Number.

These quick tips from Trainline will help you save some good amount of money on your next train journey:

  • The Advance Booking:
    Buying your train tickets in advance rather than buying it at the station on the same day can help you save an average of up to 43% on your tickets. The advance train tickets usually go on sale 12 weeks in advance which means the earlier you book your ticket, the more you would be able to save money.
  • The Ticket Alert:
    You can also sign up for a Ticket Alert on your Email and be the first to know when Advance tickets come on sale for your planned journey and the destinations so you can save money as compared to buying tickets on the same day. (Call on Trainline Contact Number to know more about this feature.)
  • Single means Saving:
    Did you know that single journey tickets are often cheaper than return tickets? With Trainline, you’ll get the cheapest available end-to-end tickets highlighted, so you know you’re getting the best deal. (Get more info on this feature from Trainline Contact Number.)
  • Best Fare Finder:
    Flexibility in your travelling time will help you save good money. The tickets at very early, mid day and late in the evening are much cheaper as compared to peak times. Weekly and monthly views will help you to find the cheapest trains (Call on Trainline Contact Number to know more.)
  • Railcards Always Works:
    Railcards can be used on the Trainline and you could get up to 1/3 off rail tickets. (For more information on railcards, call on Trainline Contact Number.)
  • Buy Travelcards in Advance:
    Travel cards can be used as a ticket option for certain journeys and can also be added to a standard ticket, departing from or arriving into London stations. (more info available on Trainline Contact Number.)
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