Breathing life in Fiuggi

Posted on Dec 4 2013 - 3:09pm by Roberta Isceri

Yes, today you feel alone.

An irremediable loneliness, because the contingent reasons are inextricably intertwined with those of humanity as a whole. Existential loneliness, so it’s called.  🙁

“Everybody is alone at the heart of the earth pierced by a ray of sunshine and quickly it is evening….”

You are thinking of Quasimodo while, whipped by the chill wind of the evening, you take a look at the historical center of Fiuggi. You are at the foot of Ernici Mounts. The silence of this historical city reflects your mood. But the morning after you find the sun.


A Fiuggi park

FiuggiYou are in the lower part of the city, used as a health spa. You stay affected by the amount of chestnut trees, whose bright yellow leaves fall in torrents as in a magical forest. It’s Sunday, in all senses: the atmosphere is festive and nature gets along with the Art Nouveau architecture of the place. Yellow leaves and blue sky.

Yellow leaves and blue sky

You would like to indulge in a park but you are waiting for a massage, that you’ve chosen as a (ineffective) remedy to the solitude of the day before. The hotel’s spa is bright but the hands that are sprinkling almond oil on your body aren’t consoling. On the contrary, they are touching the nodal points of your sadness, located on your neck and on your sore shoulders.

Lights and shadows in the square

You go back to the historical center, whose beauty is now clear. Ancient alleys, climbs and descents of a country which never ceases to surprise you. Plants, flowers, lights and shadows shape the gray of the homes.

Alleys in the historical centre

You feel better, it is true, but something inside of you refuses the provisional welfare, wanting to steal, from what he observes, eternity. The many steps that connect the houses of Fiuggi City are tempting you: is the happiness right there? Does exist, hiding behind a grate, someone who is feeling like you? Is there a shepherd of souls walking in the midst of hills that open over the arches?

Steps everywhere

A lonely dog ​​is following you. Her eyes are sad and he need just a caress to grow fond of you. He looks at you puzzled. As if to say – you’re not the only one. You deeply breathe the fresh air and come back in the new part, where you left the car that will take you back to Rome. No, you refuse to remain unresolved, because you can still perceive the fairy tale behind reality and because the evening street lights can comfort you, shedding light on your paled dreams.

Lampposts in the night

From that pile of dry leaves, you would like to get the wisdom of those who let go of what is dead.

Two benches watching each other

Your loneliness has become anger. -There must be something in the middle of the branches! -, you tell yourself, thinking of an impalpable being, that you would like to suddenly come out like a mischievous elf.

The park in the dark

Yet life, that thou observe as from a porthole, it’s all there for you too: on the trees, among children who play in the evening light, in the conviviality of who you’ll meet shortly before returning home for dinner. In the wounded soul of those who desire to live.

A knotty tree

“Everybody is alone at the heart of the earth pierced by a ray of sunshine and quickly it is evening….”


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