Arrival Procedure at Your Destination Airport

Posted on Nov 29 2016 - 12:31am by Tim Scott

After you arrive at your destination airport, if you valet checked a carry bag, wait for it on the boarding bridge or by the plane if there is no boarding bridge. Do not enter the terminal until you receive your gate checked bag. If your bag, which you personally tagged, is not returned to you, inform the gate agent who meets the plane or if one is not available, alert the flight attendant. Otherwise, your bag will go to the concerned authority and you must retrieve it there. If you did not put a tag on your bag, this is the moment when you will get upset that your bag is not returned to you. Even if you tagged your bag as instructed, do not attempt to retrieve it as it is offloaded.

It is mighty nice of you to help the ramp workers but for security reasons, passengers are not allowed to handle the bags or approach the loading area. Thanks anyway. Please be patient. If you are connecting, locate your next gate. The gate assignment is on your boarding pass, however, last minute changes may occur so it is wise to check the departing flight board you will find in the terminal. When you know where you must go next and time permits, you are free to stretch your legs and enjoy browsing the shopping opportunities in hub airports.

For your convenience, airports locate post-flight services such as the Baggage Service Office (BSO) and ground transportation (rental cars and taxis) in close proximity. Pick up your bags first, especially in small airports and most especially when you arrive on the airline’s last flight of the day in a regional airport. Airlines at small airports have limited staff that performs all agent functions. They man the ticket counter until boarding time, then close the counter and go to the gate to meet the inbound flight. When the plane goes out again, they meet the inbound customers at the BSO. They may only staff the BSO for a short time after a flight arrives before they must dash off to meet another flight or return to the ticket counter to check in passengers for the next departure.

Airlines do not have access to each other’s offices or storage areas. Asking a Delta BSO agent to open the United BSO door to retrieve your bag is like asking a Burger King employee to open the MacDonald’s next door and fix a Big Mac for you. At the end of the day, or when the BSO agent leaves the office, the office is locked and leftover bags are secured overnight. Airlines pay stiff fines to the airport authority if bags are left unattended. Dragging your bag to the car rental area is a drag, but so is starting your trip without your bag. In addition to car rental counters, taxis, shuttles, and limo services pick up from the arrivals area.

Since you personalized your bag before you embarked on your journey, you will recognize it easily as it takes a leisurely ride on the baggage carousel. If your bag is large or heavy, use the edge of the carousel for leverage to roll the bag off the belt. A wrenched back is a bad way to start a good trip. Most bags of size feature a side handle that makes removal easier. When you lift your bag, you may question how necessary your necessities are.

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