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There is a history of love affair between America & Tacos and it is one of the  most favorite finger street food popular throughout the subcontinent. Its the traditional Mexican dish made of wheat or corn tortilla rolled around a filling such as beef, pork, fish, seafood or vegetables garnished with salsa, avocado, tomato, onions or lettuce. The first ever taco feast documented in the history was held in 1520  by Herman Cortes with his captains before he & his army set out to invade the Aztecs Empire. The word ‘Taco’ was actually coined in the 18th century silver mines in Mexico which at that time actually meant ‘paper wrapped around gunpowder’. When at the beginning of the 20th century Mexican immigrants started migrating to America, they brought with them the Mexican flavors to the American way of food and thus started the Taco culture in United States.

The first Taco sighting in the United States was in 1905 and Gradually it became immensely popular with the arrival of variety in the servings such as Al Pastor, carnitas, Sudados, De Cabeza, Carne Asada, etc and the Mexican Americans of the South West reinvented the todays Tacos in many flavors and shapes. In 1954 Glen Bell opens up a little taco stand called Taco tia which he later I 1962 transformed into world’s first Mexican fast food franchise better known as Taco Bell. Today Tacos of all flavors and shapes are eaten in America and in 2012 Americans ate over 4.5 Billion tacos in one year alone. In present time there are 30,910 Mexican food restaurants in United States generating a revenue of 30.7 Billion US Dollars.
With the Baja-style tacos (grilled or fried fish typically topped with slaw, pico de gallo, and sour cream-based sauce) are becoming fiercely popular now a days here we present you with some of the best Tacos in the United States.

  1. Puerto Nuevo style San Diego seafood restaurants ROCKIN’ BAJA LOBSTER serving Baja style lobster dinners as well as many other Mexican seafood specialties such as Fajitas, Tacos, Nachos, Burritos in many of their restaurants along the Southern California coastline.
  2. Ricky’s Los Angeles Fish taco serving Ricky Piña and Ensenada-style fish, shrimp & lobster tacos.
  3. Tito’s Tacos, Culver City, Calif is famous for its plump burritos and for good old American style tacos with cheese
  4. Torchy’s Tacos, serving tortilla-bound concoctions across various Texas location in trailer parks.
  5.  El Real Tex-Mex Café, Houston serving Tex-Mex classics like chile con carne, nachos, and Frito pie is well known for their San Antonio Puffy Taco Plate
  6.  Chico’s Tacos, El Paso, Texas is quite famous for serving its signature dish: three rolled “tacos” containing ground beef covered in finely shredded cheese & red “salsa” with jalapeño salsa topping in a white cardboard boat.
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