10 Duck Dishes from All over the World

Posted on Aug 29 2013 - 10:07pm by Shem MD
  • Duck is one of my favorite foods!

Duck dishes may not as popular as chicken dishes, maybe because the meat is darker and harder so it would take longer time to cook it and many people hardly deal with the strong smell of the duck. Nonetheless, duck is used in various dishes all over the world. Nowadays, popularity of duck dishes is increasing as more and more people know how delicious the dishes are, if you know how to cook it right. If you need some recommendation, here are 10 duck dishes from all over the world.

1. Pecking Duck: this could be the most famous duck dish in the world because we can easily find the dishes in many Chinese food restaurants. This is national dish of China originally from Beijing and has been prepared from the Ming Dynasty. The whole body of the duck is seasoned and then roast by hanging it in the oven. It is served by slicing the meat. Some restaurants serve it with hoisin sauce or sweet bean sauce on the plate.

2. Foie Gras: this is another famous duck dish due to the delicious taste as well as the controversy. Foie gras is French dish made from fattened liver of duck. To make the liver fattened, the ducks are forced to eat and this fact make animal lover angry. Due to the force-feeding process, some countries prohibit foie gras.

3. Bebek Betutu: this is Indonesian duck dish originally from Bali. The dish is spicy and highly seasoned that some Balinese even made it extra-spicy with more red chilli pepper. After seasoned, the duck is wrapped with banana leaves and roasted.

4. Czernina: this duck dish is a traditional sweet and sour soup from Poland. The dish becomes popular due to the ingredient. Czernina is made from duck blood with addition of poultry broth. In Poland, czernina is mostly served for young men.

5. Oritang: in Korea, duck is shimmered with various vegetables to create a delicious guk or Korean soup. In Korea, different region has different oritang variant. Some of them made clear soup oritang and the other made stew. Addition of chilly is popular variant.

6. Arroz con Pato: this one is duck version of arroz con pollo (Latin rice and chicken dish) originally from Peru since Peruvian prefer duck. To make the dish special, Peruvian add cilantro and dark beer to the recipe. Some variant also use vegetables.

7. Turducken: the name is actually derived from turkey and duck. This American dish is combination of turkey and duck. The Americans cook turkey that stuffed by duck meat.

8. Long Island Roast Duckling: roast duck is very popular in the world and roast duck from Long Island is special. The duck is roasted in a whole to let the fat melt. In some restaurants, the Long Island roasted duck is served with cherry sauce.

9. Zhangcha Duck: China is well known for duck dish and this one is originally from Sichuan. The dish is also called tea-smoked duck because after marinated the duck is smoked over tea leaves and twigs.

10. Confit: another duck dish from France, this one is free from controversy. Confit is made from duck leg that should be marinated with salt, garlic, and some herbs for about 36 hours before cooking. The cooking process could be fry or grill.

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