The Great Taste at “Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris” Ubud Bali

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Foodlovers, have you ever visited Ubud Bali, Indonesia? Not yet? Wow, where have you been? Just kidding! Bali is well known as the beautiful place and island. You can visit Bali anytime and you will never feel bored. Some people comments about Bali: where every day is a holiday. You can find anything from the top to toe. Bali is a lovable island that still keeps their tradition well and they want to show to the tourism that Bali is unique and culture very well. That is the reason why people in Bali always wear their traditional clothes and they still follow their religion and trust in their daily life activities. Once you visit Bali and you will never want to go away from this place. Besides the beautiful scenery, you can also find so many delicious foods.

What kind of food can you find there? Too many. “Ayam Betutu”, “Lawar Kuwir”, “Serombotan”, “Nasi Jinggo”, “Nasi Tepeng”, “Sate Lilit”, you name it. If you love to eat traditional food in Bali then you can visit Ubud. Ubud is well known as the tourism village that will show you the green and fresh air. You can find many traditional villas with nature atmosphere, no one that can stay away from this homey place. In Ubud Bali, you can also taste the delicious food such as duck and prawn. They have a good place named “Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris” (nickname: “Dewi Bebaris”). You should visit that village and feel the taste of the best duck and the great prawn that ever been! Dewi Bebaris is the culinary spot in Ubud that really famous. Many tourists from around the world and place in Indonesia that come to Bali also visit that village just to eat.

What would you find over there? In Dewi Bebaris, you will find “Bale Udang”, “Bebek Raja” and other restaurants inside that you should not be missed. Besides that, you can also find the outdoor activities that you can enjoy together with your family or partners. If you want to update your Instagram by taking some pictures or just get your relax time, then you should go there. Too many instragramable spots that you should try. Including the duck show. You may not find the other duck show on other places in Bali or even at your hometown.

Missing the traditional feeling that full of rice field? Why don’t visit this tourism village? You can even try to feed the duck and have good interaction with them. The staff also gives the guests who come here with good hospitality as their service. If you come to Bale Udang you can try to eat Fried Flying Gourami Fish, Honey Grilled Prawn, and Fried Roll Fermented Cassava. All of those three foods are special. They give their special recipe so that the ingredients can absorb well to the inside. When you visit the Bebek Raja restaurant then you can eat Fried Crispy Duck and “Bebek Lalah Ubud. Special menu from this restaurant is all about duck. They can cook the duck with good style and make the taste become so unique, delicious and melted on your mouth. All of the meals that they have are delicious. One is never enough to satisfy your hunger.

Fried Flying Gourami Fish

Honey Grilled Prawn

Full of meals? Then try to play some games for your refreshing childhood moment. Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris also has traditional games originally from Indonesia. The place is located at “Kebun Pisang”. You can just ask their staff when you want to play it. They have “Enggrang”, “Bakiak” and others traditional games. You can try to play them outdoor and on the playground of Kebun Pisang.

Fried Roll Fermented Cassava

For their opening hours, you can come from 11 AM to 11 PM every day. For the big spaces then you can order first to their service so that they can prepare for the spot special for you. On Sunday they also have fun day theme. Enjoy the outdoor picnic on Kebun Pisang in between eating your meal or chit-chat with your beloved one. Don’t miss to try special package, Bebek Raja, that consist of three different menus such as Fried Duck package, Lalah Duck package and also Timbungan Duck package. Just grab every single promo that they have. If you love to stay out the door; then they also give live music performance. Enjoy the sounds of the fresh air on the green grass there.

Fried Crispy Duck

Bebek Lalah Ubud

Today, finding the green and natural place like on homey village become a rare thing but you can find all here. You don’t need to walk away to enjoy all the things you need. You can stay in the good village with choose of type. You can play on the playground with the fresh water. You can walk on the rice field and get the fresh air every single day. Your holiday will never enough at Ubud Bali. And of course, don’t forget to try their best snack for your tea time. Each of them is delicious and made with love. When you come here, do not just let anything disturb you. If you always feel busy with your job and do not have free time then you should come here for your relaxing moment. You can get back your energy. Remember that the holiday is not only about the mall and shopping only. You need to give good energy to your soul.

Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris is such a great choice to enjoy Bali. After eating the choice of food there then you can travel around Ubud. Just make sure you bring your sweater because the weather is cold enough. You can enjoy driving the traditional boat and enjoying the natural river there. No one that can change the sophistication feeling with the money while staying there. Bali is everything that you need to visit. The best time to visit this place is in your free time. You may feel crowded at weekend but when you book first then there will always available free space for you to sit. Play the water and enjoy the relaxing moment with your beloved one will be so precious.


Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris (Dewi Bebaris)

Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Peliatan, Ubud, Peliatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 978754
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