Pecel Winongo, A Must Try Food for Your Local Tounge!

Posted on Mar 5 2019 - 5:03pm by Shem MD

Ask every Javanese in Indonesia you meet. Most of them must be very familiar with “Pecel”. Yes, this is a quite popular traditional salad, especially in Java. I myself like Pecel most!

Pecel Pincuk Winongo Panderman at Sulfat Branch

Unlike various fresh fruits and vegetables with mayonnaise sauce, this one consists of mixed boiled vegetables dressed with peanut sauce. Can you just imagine how it tastes? But the sweet peanut sauce can be spicy too, depending on your request in case you want some chilies added on your Pecel dressing. And just like other Indonesian dishes, this one is also served with rice.

No, you don’t need to take the rice yourself from the bowl. Pecel comes with steamed rice or compressed rice cake called Lontong or Ketupat. There are also some additions like tempeh, tofu, perkedel, potatoes, bakwan jagung and rempeyek or kerupuk. Is those stuff sound unfamiliar for you non Indonesian people? Don’t worry, be happy. All you need to do is just finish your Pecel. And if you usually take a light meal for your breakfast, a portion of Pecel is possibly enough. But, the taste of peanut sauce may call you back another day.

Well, that was a brief introduction about Pecel. What I am going to tell you is my favorite breakfast meal when I was in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. It is one of the places where Pecel actually origins from. And just like everyone, I joined others to taste the legendary Pecel Winongo at Jalan Panderman, Malang, Indonesia.

Guess what? This street food stall is always crowded. As I remember there was no chair or table provided so customers could enjoy their breakfast on the spot. Instead, everyone bought the Pecel on the go. People even seemed not to mind to wait in line at holidays for this tasty breakfast.

Pecel Pincuk Winongo Panderman at Sulfat Branch

I actually like to avoid the crowd, but Pecel Winongo seemed to be my dirty exception. Unlike other foods served on a plate completed with a fork and spoon, this one was packed with banana leaves, called pincuk. I do not know what others think but I could still feel the fresh aroma of the leaves, adding more taste to the dish.

It was totally not an extravagance. The content itself was also humble with some standard vegetables for Pecel like bean sprouts, long beans and spinach. The rice and vegetables were poured with the delicious peanut sauce. The spices had a sweet taste with the soft nut texture. But actually, the seller also offers another taste of peanut sauce, the spicy one. Both taste great. They even provide compressed Pecel Winongo peanut sauce, so customers can make their own Pecel at home with any vegetable addition they like and melt the sauce with some water.

Some other additional complementariness’ are also available. Take for example tempeh and crispy rempeyek. There are also friend eggs, meat satay, empal and so on. No wonder, a packed of Pecel Winongo could keep my stomach full until the afternoon meal.

You know what? I have just got new information that Pecel Winongo opens a new branch at Jalan Sulfat, Malang, Indonesia. It means the stall is quite close to where I live. So, are you going to wait for my next review or try this traditional Javanese cuisine yourself?

Pecel Pincuk Winongo Panderman at Sulfat Branch


Pecel Winongo Sulfat

Address: Komp. Ruko Taman Sulfat, Jl. Sulfat No.7, Purwantoro, Blimbing, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65126, Indonesia

Phone: +62 821-4135-8709



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