Are we safe? Caribbean dangers.

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How often did you hear an opinion that Caribbean islands resemble paradise for every person? Did you notice that most visitors regarded this part of the world as the most precious, fragile and astonishing piece of a virgin nature.

In addition to these positive feedbacks some disturbing moods ahave been recently noticed in the tourist community. With the big amount of murders and other smaller crimes, a very important question is asked by more and more tourists: “Can we feel safe on Caribbean islands?” Indeed, today certain doubts concerning safe vacations in the Caribbean arise.

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Violent crimes prevail in the Caribbean, still they usually observed only in cities, without affecting popular places for tourist like beaches and hotels. Nevertheless, tourists often become victims of such crimes as car stealing and pickpocketing. These crimes are rather widespread all over the world that is they will hardly scare travelers. Simple precautionary measures can keep us from these dangers. It’s better not to travel alone, especially at nights. A wise traveler should leave high-priced rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets at home. And of course it’s advised not to let other people see valuable things.

One of the possible factors indicating the high level of crimes is the poverty rate. For instance, the British Virginia and Barbados are the most prosperous islands among Caribbean islands. The well-trained staff providing security and closed communities are the min guarantees of our safety. But it will be unfair to say that only these two islands can be called safe from dangers. Experienced travelers will not be satisfied with popular routs. Cold mind and caution will keep us from troubles while exploring other islands.

To show the general picture of the risk level for tourists visiting Caribbean islands, the following list was made.

These are the islands with high criminal rate:

1. Jamaica

The Government of Jamaica claims that the criminal rate has recently decreased, nevertheless this Caribbean island is considered to be the most dangerous. Still, it doesn’t mean that tourists take serious risk coming to Jamaica as the violent crimes usually concern local people and rarely occur in the hotspots for visitors. The level of poverty is rather high, drugs spreading and the availability of weapons. To keep yourself from serious troubles you are advised not to spend a lot of time in the capital of Jamaica and other big cities where crimes rate is high. In case you can’t avoid visiting Kingston, general precautions will help you to keep safe during this journey.

2. Saint Kitts and Nevis

The crimes on Saint Kitts and Nevis island mainly occur among the local population. High crime rates are caused by poverty. 20 murders per 50,000 people is a very high index for such a small island. However the Government reports that most of the tourist journeys to the island have been safe. And again, travelers simply have to be careful and take care of their belongings in order to have a successful trip.

3. Trinidad and Tobago

Showing high index of crime, this island poses the threat of smaller crimes such as petty larceny and pick pocketing. But the U.S Department of State ensures tourists that they have nothing to fear as tourists are not in the risk zone of serious crimes. Heinous crimes are connected with spread of weapons and drug usage. It’s better for the travelers not ot visit Sea Lots, Laventille and Cocorite.

4. Bahamas

The Bahamas is a very popular place for people looking for warm beaches and wonderful rest. That is why it is very important for adventurers to keep common sense and be careful with their belongings, as the rate of stealing is very high on this island. Grand Bahama and New Province are the most dangerous regions as local people are mainly live here.

5.Puerto Rico

The majority of crimes taken place in Puerto Rico are connected with drug traffic. Big cities are the most dangerous areas for tourists. But Puerto Rico will become a good destination for any traveler who knows how not to get involved in any affairs connected with drugs. Besides, if the traveler stays in the places reserved for tourists, his life will not be in danger. Although the crime rate on Caribbean islands is rather high, cautious tourist has nothing to be afraid of. Caribbean islands will become a paradise for you under only one simple condition: you should take a good care of yourself!

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