How to make your dream trip possible?

Posted on Jan 15 2014 - 10:05pm by Paul Smith

Do you imagine how many times you have planned an exciting trip; how many countries you plan to visit and to see a number of places of interest. It goes without saying that each country has its own spirit, culture and traditions. We tend to explore the world around us like little children; however, unlike children, we know that to be prepared is a must. What a traveler needs to be prepares the trip?

1. First of all a plan: to understand where do you want to go, if you have certain preferences: to see Stonehenge or the Great Wall of China, to dive into the deepest lake on Earth or to attend all the pyramids of our planet.

2. If you are absolutely sure what are you going to see, the next step is to find out how exactly are you going to do that. Are you willing to travel to plain or train, car or hitch hiking. Nowadays, modern technologies made traveling easier to plan. For instance, one can download a useful application for travelers and use them whenever you need. Due to them it will be much simpler to find the closest hotel or hostel; the best local café, to see the list of places of interest; check out the weather.

3. The next move is to take everything into consideration and count how many will you have to spend on the trip. If your trip is planned, there is no difficulty to count, but if the trip is spontaneous, just in case take more than you expect to spend.  You never know what may happen during the trip, so it’s better to be prepared.

4. Good tips are always welcome for any traveler, so I would like to suggest to use the service of Couchserfing, for example. Haven’t you heard of it? I am glad, if I can discover something new for you. This is very popular free service for travelers from any country; the concept is to stay for a day or two absolutely for free. In addition, it works in both ways: you may stay somewhere, if you are ready to invite someone else as well.

5. Travelers from all over the world practice it. On the site of this service one may ask for help, to give a message and to find a place to spend the night. What should be mentioned is don’t’ expect to see a fist class apartment or room; people offer to stay for free, they let in a stranger. Another good advantage of Couchserfing is to meet foreigners and to learn languages with native speakers, to be the guide in your own city.  Besides, the Couchserfing foresees some cases, including stealing. If this case, one may post complaining about a certain person, who has done something, and information spreads among all travelers. I believe no one wants to be persona non grata.

Continuing talking about useful tips for travelers, it is a crime to keep silence about backpacking. Similar service for travelers: you may join a group of tourists and travel together; it’s easy to find information about backpacking and to decide if that is what you need. What else can be interesting is Home exchange service; it works as in the movie “The Holiday”, where the main characters exchange their houses for free and spend holidays in another country. It seems like a movie became a reality.

If you always wanted to try something like that, don’t be afraid, use all these tips and services, learn to trust in people. This will add salt into your life, after all we live once, so let’s brass ring!

About the author: Young and skillful Paul Smith , brilliant and hardworking blogger of proofread essay. He gains the understanding of aspects as traveling, health care, psychology and time management. Drop him a line on Google+.

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    Young and skillful Paul Smith, whose specialization is tourism, geography and traveling routes. He also a brilliant and hardworking blogger of proofread essay. He gains the understanding of aspects as traveling, health care, psychology and time management.