The Ultimate Packing List For A Four Day Business Trip

Posted on Jan 16 2014 - 2:42pm by Brenda Panin

Planning for business trip can be one of the most daunting experiences for any working individual, particularly if your job requires frequent business travels to international trade fairs, exhibitions or congresses. However, one of the most contributing factors to stress associated with travelling for business is lack of adequate preparation, and conceivably it’s important to point out that proper packing of things you might need on your trip will not only save you time, but also minimize your stress. Although, this is not necessarily a guarantee that your journey will be stress-free or rather drama-free.

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Business travel involves more consideration; unlike personal travel in which you can pack haphazardly at the last minute if need be. Packing minimally is a sensible approach to business travel, but which items are so important you cannot afford to leave them behind while going for a four day business trip? Here is packing list that will surely help you.

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It is pretty obvious that clothing is one of the most essential things that any human being cannot do without, and so as business travellers. Essentially, clothes are considered to be the topmost item on your packing list, regardless of the duration of your business trip. Even though dress codes vary greatly with professions, you have to ensure that you pack only the exact number of outfits you are going to need, and no more than that.


Toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, facial cleanser, conditioner, make-up, hairspray and razor, are usually a must-pack for a woman who is a new business traveler. However, the toiletries you might need to pack will depend entirely on your gender and profession or if you are going to carry on a bag or with the checked luggage option. Also, your means of travel can play a prominent role in determining the type or even the amount of toiletries you can pack. For instance, if you’re traveling by air, keep travel restrictions in mind, especially if you are not planning to check your bag. For a four day business trip, pack your toiletries in small sizes using quart-size plastic bags, especially all liquids and gels.

Items for personal comfort

It’s not always that easy to be away from home, but including some items tailored for your own personal comfort can help make your business trip somewhat easier. Your favorite electronics, such as your MP3 player or your laptop, and even books or family photos can offer you with the entertainment and comfort you might need as you travel or even during your stay in a hotel room or serviced apartment.


This packing list will certainly make your four day business trip a successful one, but you should not forget your travel documents. However, if you intend on staying for a relatively longer period of time, consider renting serviced apartments over hotels. You can do it online before you travel.

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