10 Best Romantic Places to Visit on Valentine Day

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Valentine’s Day must be a special day for many couples in the world because it is the day, when people can celebrate their love. There are so many things to do on Valentine’s Day, such as having a romantic dinner or visiting romantic places. Talking about romantic places, there are so many places, which can be the destinations for couples who want to celebrate the special day.

If you think that you still have no idea of where to go to celebrate your valentine’s day with your spouse, here are 10 best romantic places in the world, which can be the destinations of your vacation

best romantic places

Eiffel Tower

Paris is the best well-known romantic place in the world. You can enjoy your Valentine’s Day by enjoying the candle light dinner near the Eiffel Tower, walking in the Pont Neuf Bridge, sitting down near to the pond of Jardin du Luxembourg, walking at des Vosges, or visiting Louvre palace. Paris gives the beauty of romanticism for couples from all over the world.

best romantic places

Oahu, Waikiki Resort

This is one of the best places for people to spend their honeymoon, particularly for American. The beauty of the beach offers the best choice for couples. You can enjoy your Valentine’s Day at the beach, tropical forest, luxurious hotel rooms and any other interesting things that you can do there.

Cayo espanto Belize

Cayo Espanto Belize

Belize is an island located in the middle of coral reef. It can make you forget everything because the beaches can make you feel like as if they were yours. Beauty of the colorful fishes will give the beautiful view for you and your spouse. This place is very recommended to enjoy the valentine day.

Best Romantic Place

City Palace Jaipur

Jaipur, India
Do you think that you have an idea of enjoying the Valentine’s Day by riding the elephant together? This place must be the best choice if your answer is yes. You can do the city tour or sightseeing by riding an elephant to the Amber Fort city. This place also offers the beauty of pink color that you can enjoy. You can also walk together with your spouse in the Jaldhara Water Park; enjoy the beauty of Taj Rambagh Palace or visiting the Bazaar to buy various jewelries or costumes of belly dance.

best romantic places

Petit Prix Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is the most beautiful city in Spain; it is well known for its romantic places. If you visit the city, do not forget to enjoy the air balloon with your spouse to see the beauty of the city in the height of 3000 feet. This must be the best romantic experience that you can enjoy with your spouse.

Best Romantic Places


Kyoto, Japan
The city that is popular as its tradition is the best place that you can enjoy on the Valentine’s Day. There are so many romantic places, which you can visit, such as temples and palaces. Visiting the places with the view of the sakura flower will really make your valentine day very romantic.

Best Romantic Places

Florence Cathedral

Florence, Italy
Florence gives the best quality for couple, as it is believed to strengthen their relationship. There are so many things, which people can do there. For instance, you can visit Ponte Vecchio, walk in the Boboli Garden, enjoy the arts in Uffizi, and see the view of the Piazzale Michelengiolo.

Best Romantic Places


Bruges, Belgium
Enjoying the nuance of ancient city in Bruges is the best way to escape from the crowd of urban areas. You can enjoy sight seeing on the narrow streets or enjoy the dinner in small cafes. All you get in this city is that you will feel like flashing back to the past. It is very romantic and beautiful.

Best Romantic Places

The Kempinski Seychelles Resort

The island, which is situated in the Indonesian Ocean, is actually located in the Africa and it belongs to one of the most romantic places in the world. The romantic nuance in this place can be the best option to enjoy the Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Best Romantic Places

Hoteluri Plutitoare – Tahiti

The place with its serenity is located in the south pacific with the beautiful beach bungalows. It gives you chance to swim in the silent morning. You can also enjoy the sunset on the white sand of the beach and have nice conversation with your spouse.

Those are the best ten romantic places that you can visit on the Valentine’s Day. You can have your romantic and unforgettable moment with your loved one by visiting the most interesting places around the world.

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