Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

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Indonesia Fashion week is an annual international fashion that is held in Jakarta as a mode center of Indonesia. It is held as a form of appreciation toward many designers in Indonesia and the world. Many designers from all around Indonesia join the event to promote their works in order to be acknowledged by the world. They prepare the designs and the best fashion items that they have made in order to be able to compete with many designers from all over the world.

Indonesia Fashion Week

Indonesia Fashion Week event always chooses different themes every year. In the beginning, Indonesia Fashion Week event was held in 2012 in Jakarta Convention Center. It was very interesting and it successfully attracted many designers and fashion mode observers as well as fashion lovers to take part. They give appreciation toward Indonesian creation and traditional Indonesian cultures from different islands and ethnics from all around Indonesia.

What Makes Indonesia Fashion Week Different

The event also functions to show to the world that Indonesia is multicultural and multiethnic nation, which has so many best quality fashions that truly reflect the richness of culture. In this event, so many experienced and new designers can join and become more and more shinny in the world of fashion designing. This event can give the chance for many designers to discuss their ideas so that they can produce unique and creative creations.

Indonesia Fashion Week also aims to introduce new designers and Indonesian culture toward the world. As a national event with international class, Indonesian fashion week always successfully attracts the world’s attention and tells the world that Indonesian culture has its own characteristics compared to any other countries. One of fashion items, which always become the focus of attention, is batik, as it is an Indonesian world heritage. Many famous Indonesian designers, such as Anne Avantie, have focused in this traditional fabric and given special modern touches to produce both classical and contemporary designs.

Other Indonesian traditional fabrics include songket and tenun, which also offers different and classy look. Therefore, the fashion week is different from similar events held in other cities, such as Paris, New York, Milan, London and any other fashions cities.

The Look of Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 will be held on February 26th until March 1st 2015 in Jakarta Convention Centre. This event will promote Indonesian traditional culture through its fashion, accessories and many more. This event will be covered with fashion shows, exhibitions, competitions, seminar and workshop. It aims to give new knowledge about the development of fashion in both Indonesia and other countries that might give some inspirations for many designers.

This event will be attended not only by Indonesian people but also by many people from other countries especially for those having the deal with fashion. There will be 32 fashion shows, 665 brands and more than 1920 items in this year’s event. Therefore, it proves that this event is very big and many people will be involved in this event. Many designers have prepared their best fashion designs and collections to be launch in Indonesia fashion week. It is expected that it will bring the success just like the previous events held in Jakarta.

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