Accident of Airasia QZ8501 and Safety in Aviation Industry

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Nowadays, the aviation industry seems to be the point of sorrow. The peak is the falling of the Airasia QZ8501 that makes all of the passengers and the crews died. It is found that Airasia QZ8501 is one of the most sophisticated planes. However, it is not automatically the guarantee of safety. It is because the operator is human being and the human error cannot be avoided.

The Accident of Airasia QZ8501 and Flight Safety

Actually, the flight safety can be improved when the operator of the plane follows the rules. Before the flight, there must be a flight plan, whether it is made by pilot or the other flight operation officers. The flight plan includes aircraft, weather, fuel, destination, departure, load, alternate base, etc. All of these flight plans must be communicated before the plane starts to take off. It is a must for pilot to have a briefing session on the operation desk. However, it can also be represented by the other flight operation officers. The most important thing is that all of the pilots and other flight attendants have to understand all of the data on the flight plan.

If the pilot of QZ8501 had fully understood the flight plan, the pilot must have read the weather condition along the way, so that he could make sure that the condition is safe. Weather is one of the most important factors that influence the pilot to decide to have a flight well and safely; as weather significantly influences safety. Therefore, the pilot must follow the condition of weather before the flight.

The Importance of Weather Forecast in Flight Safety

Some related studies found that the traffic line used by the QZ8501 (why flew from Singapore – Indonesia – Australia) was crowded. Yet, it seemed that the weather condition during the flight QZ8501 on December 2014 involved Camulo Nimbus cloud, which extended from South Borneo to Java Sea. in the aviation term, it is called as ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone). It is usually clearly seen on the screen or the weather monitor. The danger is indicated by red color in the harmful location. It means that any plane is prohibited to do flight because the cloud is dangerous. Camulo Nimbus contains rain, ice and storm so that the pilot must understand this before doing the flight.

So many people relate the accident of QZ8501 with the standard operating procedure of Airasia and the bad weather. Conspiracy theory also emerges to disrespect other countries, terrorism, business, bombing illegal flight and so on. Of course, there are no things like conspiracy theory because the aviation has legally operated and it has been in operation for many years.

Therefore, it is clear that the accident of the QZ8501 is caused by the human error, because the pilot and other flight attendants did not estimate the weather and the bad possibilities happened when they insist to do flight. This flight safety must be really taken as the consideration before doing the flight because it is related to many lives of people.

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