The New Asian Cuisine Hub: Must-Visit Restaurants in Brisbane

Posted on Sep 2 2015 - 4:42pm by Archie Ward

Brisbane has become the epicenter of modern and creative Asian cuisine. Incidentally, Brisbane’s Asian restaurants are also some of the best restaurants in Brisbane. For your road trips in Australia, these restaurants are a must-visit. 



FantAsia Brisbane offers Asian fast food. By using traditional cooking methods and local, seasonal produce, FantAsia delivers fresh and authentic Asian flavors without the price and wait of typical Asian cuisine restaurants. 

The main attraction at FantAsia is the Tokyo Beef entree, which complements the lemongrass and ginger tea. 


Sake Restaurant and Bar focuses on contemporary Japanese cuisine with hints of California and European flavors. The restaurant offers private dining rooms as well as communal banquet dining area. 

Sake’s signature dishes include steamed prawn dumplings and ‘glacier 51’ tooth-fish lettuce cups.

Asian-Szechuan Bang Bang Cuisine

Inspired by the traditional cuisine of the Sichuan Province, Asian-Szechuan has brought Southwest China flavors to Brisbane. Cooking methods that date back 2,000 years add to the customary tang.

Black fungus and tofu skin salad with garlic and chili oil is offered as an entrée. The less adventurous can opt for a classic dish like Sichuan beef hot pot.

Golden Barbeque

Focusing on classic Chinese BBQ, Golden Barbeque offers large portions and authentic flavors. This hidden gem offers a mom and pop environment with economic prices. Check out their staple dish of BBQ duck.

Garden Restaurant

Taigum Gardens

Taigum Gardens has a vast array of Chinese cuisine options inspired by multiple Chinese delicacies. Large portions and high-quality meats can be expected from this quint restaurant, which is geared to adults. Must-try dishes include the crispy honey beef, the traditional roast duck, and the mango ice cream. 

Happy Boy 

Located on Mein St., this hidden gem focuses on Chinese cuisine with hints of French and Italian inspiration. Happy Boy offers a small, charming space in a converted warehouse. Recommendations include the dried fried green beans, salt and pepper prawns and pork belly sliders. 

Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar

Bird’s Nest brings traditional Japanese Yakitori to Brisbane. Using solely fresh, free-range meats and organic produce, Bird’s Nest offers multiple gluten-free and vegetarian options. They specialize in skewers with beef, chicken, veggies, tofu and/or pork belly. 

Paddington Curry House

Specializing in Indian and Nepalese cuisine, Paddington Curry House provides complementary rice with every curry order. Staples include paneer tikka, an Indian cheese marinated in tandoori spices then grilled to perfection, and traditional chicken malai tikka. Their goat curry is a staple for every curry fanatic.


Citron Restaurant

For anyone who enjoys modern twists to their Asian cuisine will fall in love with Citron. Owned and operated by Robert Foley, previously of Piccolo Restaurant, and notable chef Mark Newman. Citron is the only restaurant in town where eaters can find green tea salt calamari with ginger chili dipping sauce.

Fat Noodle Restaurant

Fat Noodle was created by famed chef Luke Nguyen, and includes a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Malay dishes. Nguyen’s signature dish is Fat Pho Noodles, which consists of a 20-hour beef broth, bean sprouts, fresh Thai basil, fresh chili and rice noodles. 

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