A Healthy Guide for Your Holiday in Bali

Posted on Jul 18 2019 - 3:24pm by Archie Ward

A Healthy Guide for Your Holiday in Bali


Exotic, alluring, romantic and appealing: These, and many other adjectives over the decades have been used to describe the island paradise that is Bali. Laying in the Indian Ocean, one of the thousands of islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago, the island has an allure, charm, and lifestyle that draws millions of visitors to its shores every year.

Bali holidays have also become increasingly popular with visitors seeking healthy holiday options. Fine dining restaurants, relaxing spas, or a stay at a Yoga or fitness retreat are becoming increasingly popular. The following are a few ideas on how to make the most of your first visit, and how to avoid the dreaded Bali-belly.

1. Bali Health Retreat Packages

A stay in a fitness retreat in Bali can provide all the attractions of a hotel holiday and more. Stunning white-sand beaches trips to visit the many attractions, and organized hiking and biking outings, are combined with fitness rooms, health clubs, saunas, Pilates and Yoga classes, and healthy dining. All designed to improve the wellbeing of mind and body.

2. Consider a Spa Hotel Break

If you’ve enjoyed one of those short spa breaks at home, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Bali spa treatments include hot-stone massages, deep-tissue massages, sports injury massages, and the famous Thai massage. Other therapies include Ayurveda (a traditional Hindu massage using oils), mud baths, a sauna, steam room, and reflexology and hydrotherapy treatments.

3. Fasting and Detox Retreats

If you’re looking to give your spiritual and emotional well-being a bit of a boost, consider a holiday in one of Bali’s growing numbers of fasting and detox retreats. Although fasting and detoxing have become increasingly popular in the West during the last two decades, it is an Asian culture based on nature, which has been a part of Eastern life for hundreds of years. Fasting is not just about food. It can mean abstinence from smoking, alcohol, sex, speaking, and company, as well as food.

If you have recently given up overindulgence in alcohol, tobacco or other stimulants, but are struggling with the after-effects, a visit to a detox retreat will help cleanse the body of those stubborn hangers-on. A properly monitored detox fast can help reduce acidity and inflammation and remove chemical residues, contaminants, and cravings. It is a great way to reset the clock for a fitter, healthier, more active you in the future.

4. Happy Holidays

Not everyone is inclined to spa hotels and health retreats. Many just want an enjoyable holiday exploring everything Bali has to offer, free of any of those health issues that can be waiting to strike. Stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea are the most prevalent health problems travelers the world over suffer when visiting holiday destinations. For some, just a change of diet can bring on a period of ‘the trots’, which usually disappears in a day or two. For others, hospital stays and intravenous drips can ruin that holiday of a lifetime. Here are a few things to consider when you are out and about.

5. Choosing Where You Eat

Whether in your hotel, out sightseeing, or on the beach, only ever drink bottled water. While dining in your hotel is usually trouble-free, when out and about take care where you eat. The high temperatures mean raw fish and meat sitting in trays for long periods waiting to be cooked, are open to attack from bugs and flies. When visiting the loo, make sure hands are scrupulously washed for the same reason. Choose local cafes, bars, and restaurants that are busy. It indicates a high turnover of products and a popular eatery. Look around and note what other patrons are eating, and what dishes seem most popular. If you want to sample local dishes, do it in your hotel’s restaurant, or a local restaurant that has been recommended.

6. Steer Clear of Arak

Acting the seasoned traveler, and insisting on sampling the local cuisine, wines, spirits and, beers is fine when you’re absolutely sure what you’re doing. In Bali, the local rice wine is a case in point. Available everywhere, some Arak, poorly distilled by local businesses, has claimed the lives of tens of tourists due to contamination by methanol. If you must try it, ask for a glass in your hotel, but never in local bars or restaurants.

7. Care When Visiting Macaque Monkeys

They may look cute, cuddly and friendly, but they are wild animals. Keep your distance, their claws are sharp and teeth strong, and you are likely to get scratched or bitten if they can’t get what they want. In that event, a trip to the nearest doctor to get the wound treated and disinfected is a must, if you don’t want to risk very real health problems.

The Little Things to Take Note

Make sure your travel insurance covers you for motorcycle or scooter hire, and extreme sports such as paragliding or jet-skiing.

If you want to get a tattoo, ask around for recommendations. Finally, don’t forget to use the sunblock, and go home refreshed, relaxed and healthy, from your Bali experience.

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