Top 5 Most Romantic Regions in New Zealand

Posted on Aug 11 2019 - 4:19pm by Nina Simons
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Paris, Rome, or Seashells all sound wonderful, but some of those seemingly romantic places are filled with tourists and hyped to attract even more of them. Unlike renowned Europe’s capitals, New Zealand is a story on its own. Nowhere on the planet will you find a country so unique, captivating and alluring, that would make every couple’s stay a truly memorable experience. Whether you are searching for a romantic destination for your wedding day or honeymoon, or you are just looking to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, New Zealand is filled with an abundance of incredibly mesmerizing places to relish in each other’s company. From beautiful landscapes to riveting glaciers, New Zealand has it all. And here are some of the regions that stand out from the rest.

Enliven all your senses in Rotorua

If you simply want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily lives and have a relaxing and therapeutic weekend with your loved one, then you must head out to Hells Gate Geothermal Park and Mud Spa in Rotorua. This spectacular geothermal scenery is a real New Zealand’s gem. Not only will you have a chance to totally unwind in a therapeutic mud bath together, but you can try out the sulfur spa even under the stars. Let your love blossom around the erupting waters steaming fumaroles, pools of boiling mud just like the ancient Maori people and other European settlers did. Hells Gate is only 5 minutes away from Rotorua International Airport, so it is easily accessible.

Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

Create your own story in Auckland

Oh, Auckland. There aren’t many urban cities that can be as alluring as the North Island’s biggest city. You can have a picnic in any of its beautiful parks, or catch an outdoor movie while holding hands and sharing popcorn. Amongst tone of other romantic things to do in Auckland, couples absolutely adore going for a horse trek ride along the nearby idyllic Muriwai Beach, or a romantic stroll along black sand, rolling dunes, and scenic forest. Many couples actually tied the knot here and said ‘I do’ in a hot air balloon during sunrise while overlooking the majestic circle of Rangitoto, an island that can boast with the finest 360-degree views of the entire Auckland region.

Try out dreamy stargazing at Mt. Cook National Park

One region that stands out from the rest is the Mount Cook National Park region which is about 3 hours away by car from Queenstown and about 4 hours from Christchurch. But, once your rich this majestic place, you will be totally captivated by the sheer natural wonders it disposes of. Strenuous mountains with snow-peaked tops, luscious plains with lavender fields, and glorious wilderness that will make your stay for the night even more captivating. Yes, this is the place all lover should go stargazing. New Zealand is home to the largest International Dark Sky Reserve at Aoraki/Mt. Cook National Park where you can snuggle with your particularly and focus your attention heavenward to witness the dazzling stars that shimmer throughout the whole night sky. It sounds like an ideal location to propose, doesn’t it?  From the wedding photos taken from professionals at Grey Area Productions, the best wedding photos were taken in the dreamy and charming Mount Cook National Park.

Tekapo, New Zealand

Embark in adventuresome escape in Waitomo Caves

Thrill-seeking couples who are looking to completely lose themselves in an untamed underground world, should without a doubt head out to the Waitomo Caves. There is something absolutely inspiring and chilling when you descend about 100 meters below Earth’s surface. If you are in for some tender and whimsical together-time, then all couples will certainly enjoy embarking in an illuminating cruise to see thousands of tiny mesmerizing glowing worms. Even if it sounds like a cave full of worms, this is truly one-of-a-kind sight that will sparkle up your fiery romance. Other couples can try other fun activities around Waitomo like spelunking, abseiling and black water rafting.

Delve into New Zealand’s sensuous wine regions

Newlyweds, long-lasting partners, or couples who have just started dating all desire some serene intimacy. And the perfect getaway is going to some of New Zealand’s wine regions like in Waiheke Island or around Marlborough. A couple who visits Waiheke can not only go wine tasting some of the world’s renowned wines, but also explore and walk along luscious vineyards, go cycling and zip-lining, and even swim in white sandy beaches. Basically, a perfect getaway from the city commotions. If you visit the Marlborough region you will also have the opportunity to try exquisite New Zealand’s wine plus book a perfect place for your future wedding reception, since there are multitude wineries where you can seal your love for eternity.

Queenstown, New Zealand

It is hard to rule out the most romantic regions in New Zealand’s since there are numerous other sights, beaches and captivating places where you can let loose and enjoy each other’s company. However, if you wish to keep a romance flowing, this list is an absolute must-see.

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