5 Best Things to Do in Western Australia

Posted on May 28 2021 - 3:52am by Nina Simons

You’ve always wanted to visit Western Australia but never actually started to plan the trip of your dreams? Wait no longer because it’s about time you planned your upcoming journey to this part of the world! Here is a list of the five best things to do in Western Australia, so check it out and come up with a detailed itinerary. Just keep on reading and get down to it right away!

Explore Perth’s most popular attractions

If you’re one of those people who love to spend their vacation in urban areas, you should definitely put Perth on your must-visit list. This is the capital of the Australian state of Western Australia and this country’s fourth-most populous city. So, if you’re up for fabulous gourmet restaurants, magnificent skyscrapers, great boutiques, and amazing entertainment venues – Perth certainly is the right place for you! Besides that, this gorgeous city is the perfect choice for water sports such as surfing, sailing, and swimming, too. If you love to visit museums while traveling, don’t skip the Art Gallery of Western Australia. The Nostalgia Box is a fantastic choice for people who love to play video games from the 80s. Of course, try not to skip the typical Aussie barbecue that includes kangaroo steak or burgers. It’s a must-eat when in Australia


Visit the beautiful tourist town of Broome

Truth be told, Broome is one of the most popular Western Australian destinations at the moment. It’s a beautiful tourist town that’s a gateway to the outstanding Kimberley region at the same time. If you decide to visit this town, make sure not to skip Cable Beach – this town’s main attraction. This beach features a very impressive shoreline – white sands stretch for 22 kilometers! Its turquoise waters will sweep you off your feet, as well as romantic sunset camel rides. To learn more about this amazing town, be sure to visit the Broome Historical Museum. Did you know that Broom is famous for Staircase to the Moon, which is an extraordinary natural phenomenon? That’s right – when the full moon rises, people gather to watch the rays of light that gleam on the water. Those gleams create an optical illusion of steps leading to the moon. Don’t miss it when in Broome!

Go whale watching in Bremer Bay

Whale watching is one of the most popular activities in Western Australia, and the reasons for that are more than good. First of all, the small coastal township of Bremer Bay is home to the largest congregation of orcas in the southern hemisphere. Over 150 orcas gather here every summer, from January to March, and they visit the Bremer Canyon to feed on their prey. Apart from orcas, there are also pilot whales, sperm whales, and sunfish. All of them gather here during the first months of the year. The best way to get to Bremer Bay is by car, plane, or personalized bus transport. As for the whale watching itself, be sure to book a tour with Whale Watch Western Australia. This is the best way to experience these impressive creatures in their natural habitat! 

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Check out Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

In case you didn’t know, Ningaloo Reef is the largest fringing reef in the world. It also is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which makes it one of the most popular places in Western Australia for a good reason. The Ningaloo Reef Marine Park extends for about 260 km. Unlike the Great Barrier Reef, this one is easily accessible from the shore. When it comes to its marine life, there are dugongs, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles, humpback whales, and many other species. Besides these, there are over 300 species of corals and 500 species of fish, which makes this place extremely diverse and exciting to explore. If you’re all about snorkeling, you must visit the gorgeous Turquoise Bay. Its white sand and crystal clear water will undoubtedly help you find your zen!

Go for a tour in Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) National Park

Last but certainly not least, Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) National Park is another amazing place you must see when in Western Australia. This destination is known for its remarkable rock formations that remained unknown to the outside world until 1983. When they were finally discovered, these were made a part of both the National and UNESCO World Heritage lists. Did you know that the Bungle Bungle hills were home to the Aboriginal tribes for thousands of years? That’s right, which is exactly what makes them so exciting to explore! The rock domes of Bungle Bungle are made of soft sandstone that was flawlessly carved into a beehive shape thanks to summer monsoon rains. Don’t skip this place and you’ll see what we were talking about!

As you can see, there are so many fantastic things to do in Australia, and these five are the best ones if you want to visit Western Australia. So, if you ever find yourself in this part of the world, just stick to our list and have the time of your life. A fabulous trip is guaranteed, without a shadow of a doubt!

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