A First Time Traveler’s Guide To Indonesia

Posted on Nov 30 2018 - 10:26pm by Stella Ryne

Indonesia is known to be one of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth. Although it has many features worthy of visiting, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Indonesia as a travel destination is Bali. Bali is an island that has everything: sandy beaches, mighty volcanoes, rainforests, beautiful rice terraces, amazing culture and friendly, smiling people that are truly happy to have you as their guests. Yes, Bali is the perfect destination to visit. But there are some things you need to know before you pack your things and go.

Choose your season carefully


There are two seasons on Bali – dry season from April till October and a rainy season from November till March. The dry season is when most tourists visit Bali. The most crowded months are Jun, July and August (and most expensive). The rainy season has its charm as well. Although it would rain heavily most of the days it can also be perfect for enjoying the beauty of waterfalls which are exceptionally breathtaking this time of the year.

Be careful what you pay for

Although your staying in Bali will prove to be rather cheap there are still some things you have to pay attention to. Your first encounter with Bali upon arrival at the airport would be finding transportation to your residence. There will be many taxi drivers offering their services but do resist. They can charge you twice as much as normal price for the ride. Instead, go to the official taxi counter. You can pay upfront the official price at the counter. It goes for everything in Bali. Always try to use public transportation (whether it is a bus or a boat) as they have official rates and are almost twice cheaper than others.

Choosing a residence

Bali offers you a great variety of places to stay. From classy hotels, luxurious villas, cheaper hostels to private residences. A hotel can offer you many contents, but if you are more for a quiet luxury of your own place it is better to rent a villa. There are many beautiful Bali accommodation to rent that is suited at the beachfront with breathtaking swimming pools and wonderfully arranged spaces for your leisure and enjoyment. You will have an advantage of making your own plans, prepare your own food, and many other things. You can always find accommodation with your own standards in Bali.


One thing is for sure – you won’t starve in Bali. There is a great choice of restaurants and variety of food you can choose from. Local cuisine is exquisite, but if you are in for something less exotic you can find great choice of western dishes, vegetarian or vegan food. Do bear in mind that all places have a certain dress code and you can’t go to a restaurant wearing only your swimming suit, your shoulders and knees have to be covered (especially if you are a woman).


Culture is everywhere in Bali, where ever you look. Religion is a very big part of the culture here and you need to be respectful when religion is in question. Be quiet bystander during ceremonies and obey rules when visiting temples. Also be careful not to step on prayer offerings to gods that can be found anywhere in form of woven baskets with flowers or banana leaves squares with small portions of rice on them. Make sure your shoulders and knees are always covered.

If you prepare your travel to Bali upfront and do your homework right, you will find your stay there an adventure of a lifetime and you may find yourself returning there many times to explore Bali some more.

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