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Posted on Nov 14 2018 - 9:43pm by Stella Ryne

Travelling the world allows you to grow as a person, get to know different cultures and people, but most importantly, it lets you try an array of new foods. This is a dream come true for any foodie. So when you’re planning on a vacation and choosing your destinations, take the local specialities in account. After all, where else are you going to try these exotic and authentic specialities? In fact, you can see the entire world following your stomach.

Enjoy the tropical punch in Hawaii

The US is famous for many things, but some would argue good food isn’t one of them. They’ve obviously never been to a high-grade restaurant in Hawaii. Of course, in this case, the high-grade restaurants are actually authentic food trucks.

Though it may sound tacky, this is actually the best way to taste Hawaii. You can steal a piece of heaven while relaxing on the beach and eating whatever the food truck chef has recommended. After all, they incorporate regional foods with classic cooking techniques as part of a fusion method which colors your taste buds in a range of different flavours.

Discover the specialties of Hong Kong

Even though Hong Kong is one of the most urban centers of China, they still incorporate traditional specialties to their menus. You may think that there’s no point trying Chinese food when you can just get takeout in your hometown, but it’s really not the same.

Nothing beats dim sum prepared with fresh and local ingredients, sampled in an authentic Chinese restaurant. The same goes for other recipes, and you can discover them all on your visit to Hong Kong. There’s so much to see and explore, and there’s no way your home takeout menu carries the items on Hong Kong’s list.

Wake up your senses in Hunter Valley

Located in NSW, Australia, Hunter Valley is the perfect stop on the south side of the globe. There are a lot of first-class restaurants you can visit and experience all Australia has to offer food-wise. Aside from food, you can also go on one of the Valley’s famous wine tours.

When you get tired of wining and dining, you can explore the gorgeous gardens nearby or just relax in your room. Make sure your accommodation in Hunter Valley is conveniently located, so you can easily explore the whole place. Since this is a vacation of the senses, wake them up in every way possible- starting with food.

Find adventure in Paris

Who said that getting your adrenaline going had to imply doing something extreme? It’s enough to experience something new and magical. Where better to do that than in the gastronomical capital of Europe, Paris?

There’s no other place where you’ll be able to try the most bizarre yet delicious foods in the world. From snails to frog legs, and even “Tete de Veau” (calf head), Paris is bound to keep you on your toes and really give you something to talk about. Of course, you can still experience the enchanting nature of French cuisine even if you don’t opt for something so unusual.


In conclusion, travelling the world can completely revolve around food and still allow you to experience everything else our beautiful Earth has to offer. Focusing on food in different countries allows you to experience a layer of culture most people miss. Food is how we show our love and passion, so it’s by far the best way to get to know a new culture and travel the world.

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