7 Car Safety Measures to Take Before Your Dream Roadtrip with Friends

Posted on Nov 15 2018 - 7:09pm by Helen Cartwright

A road trip is an opportunity to leave your worries behind. Ditch your responsibilities for the weekend to hang out with your friends. You have a chance to bond with friends, enjoy vivid sights, and explore the open road. There’s something special about a road trip with the ones you love.

However, the perfect road trip takes planning and preparation. It doesn’t matter if your trip is for a few hours or cross-country; safety comes first. Preparation should also be inclusive of your guests.

The following guide will give you the top 7 safety tips to help you enjoy a dream road trip with your friends.

  1. Visit The Mechanic

If you’re driving your personal vehicle on your road trip, visiting the mechanic is important. You want to have a safe vehicle that will get you on the road and back. Your car has several operating components, and a mechanic can tell you in advance if your car is ready for a safe road trip. Few of the major points include checking the car mileage, comfort of the family members, proper boot space for the things to carry, and tyre inspection for its proper alignment and intensity to bear the rough roads. If not, ask the mechanic to suggest a place from where you can buy the new tyres. Or else you can also consider buying the tyres online after a brief research on type, prices and availability. A mechanic is also necessary for car or RV rentals.

What To Expect From The Mechanic

– a tune-up (i.e. oil change, air filter)

– top off all your fluids

– inspect your brakes

– windshield wipers

  1. Know Your Road Trip Guests

Travelling with your friends can be a lot of fun, but it can also have moments when it can get stressful. For example, each of you will have different personalities, and being together constantly can bring out annoying habits, you didn’t know your friends had. Travel experts agree that no matter the circumstances, a road trip can bring you and your friends closer together. Choose your road companions wisely. Let your friends give up ideas for a good road trip while you’re still in the planning stages. Choose a destination that will please everyone.

  1. First-Aid Kit

Your travellers first-aid kit will be an essential part of your road trip. Unfortunately, accidents do happen while you’re out travelling. A reliable road-trip should have all of the things you need to handle minor injuries or the essentials to apply first-aid until you can get your friend to the hospital for serious injuries.

What To Include In Your Roadtrip First-Aid Kit

– first-aid book (latest version)

– gauze

– adhesive tape

– antiseptic

– bandages

– repellent

– antihistamine cream

– important extras for your friends

  1. Emergency Funds

You should always create a budget for your road trip. However, emergency funds can help you with vehicle emergencies, cash shortages, gas, or surprise expenses. Finances can be a sensitive subject and should be discussed before your trip. Decide if you’ll manage your emergency funds or if everyone will have their own funds. Find out what the others may or may not be able to afford. Everyone will have a unique financial situation that should be considered according to your plans for a trip.

  1. Know Your Destination

You should always be realistic about your travelling destination. A map is important to have on every road trip. Never rely solely on a GPS system because they could exclude unforeseen road closures. A navigation system should be your secondary locator device. Furthermore, you should know how to read a map properly to get you to and from your destination. Choose a destination that also provides a safe location. A map can also help you find other great locations to explore on your trip.

  1. Checklist

You should have a checklist that includes all of your planned activities. Go over your planned checklist ahead of time with your friends. Do your best to stick to your list during the duration of your trip. If you make changes, it should be done before your trip departure. However, if there are changes made to the checklist after you’ve begun your trip, everyone should be aware of your changes. You can plan ahead for rest stops, bathroom breaks, and where you’re going to eat. 

  1. Safety Plan

Things will happen on your road trip but a safety plan can help. For instance, include a meeting place in case someone on your trip gets lost. In fact, in case of any type of road emergency, you should have a plan. Your safety plan should also include: what to do in case of danger. Nobody wants to think about danger on your trip but a safety plan can help everyone keep a mutual objective in case of eminent danger. Danger on your road trip could include an animal attack, criminal activity, or problems with law enforcement. Tell a friend or family member that’s not included in your road trip about your travelling plans.

Your dream road trip is impossible with the proper planning. Enjoy fun that will bring you and your friends closer together. According to the US Highway transportation reports; new millennials are travelling more than their parents, and their preferred method of travel is by car. A professional can also help you plan your next road trip with your friends. Travelling can be a rewarding experience with a group of your friends.

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