A Good Dinner Choice: Beef – In Any Place, You Travel In The World

Posted on Apr 19 2019 - 3:29pm by Helen Cartwright

What is the most universal type of meat in the world? The answer isn’t hard to reach. Undoubtedly, it is beef. No matter where you are in the world, beef is a diverse fan favourite. In fact, beef jerky has become one of the top snack choices across the nation. Let’s take a look around the globe and find out where you can get your tastebuds on the best tasting beef.



To get an idea as to how much Argentines love beef, compare it to the love that America has for football. Beef is an incomparable delicacy in Argentina and is said to have the best taste on the planet. The quest to find “organic” meat is quite simple as all of the cows are strictly grass-fed and aren’t exposed to antibiotics of any kind.

This makes the beef consistent in texture, lean with little to no fat, and less likely to attribute to health issues. Also, unlike many other countries, the beef in Argentina is typically only seasoned with one ingredient – salt.

Because the meat is so tactfully prepared, this one simple flavour is enough to bring about a supreme taste that is both savoury and rich. If you ever visit this country, don’t leave before indulging in a juicy piece of steak. Learn more about what makes Argentine beef so delectable.


While Spain gets a lot of hype about their ham, their beef is definitely next in line. In fact, many Spanish restaurants have earned reputations crediting their superior steaks. The beef culture in this country is vastly growing in popularity.

The chalet de buy is often seen around the country but is perfected in none other than Spain. This popular slice of beef is a slow-roasted, smoky rib-steak that is often served with sliced potatoes and is large enough to feed at least two people.


If you are in search of insanely high-quality beef, don’t neglect Australia. The agricultural industry in this country is highly regarded and heavily policed. Australia holds tiptop standards requiring all farmers to grass-feed their cattle and ensure that they are being raised in an environment that is both clean and humane.
In fact, many countries purchase their beef from Australia to match their level of excellence. Australian beef jerky is one that gets a lot of attention in places near and far. Whether you prefer a thin cut, T-bone, or a fillet steak, Australian meat is not one to disappoint. Click Here to learn more about the popular steak cuts in Australia.


If you are a fan of fine dining and supreme tender cuts, Japan is the place to be. Much like Australia and Argentina, the beef produced in Japan is thoughtfully reared. The Japanese have adopted delicate practices for their livestock to ensure that they remain healthy and well for the duration of their lives.

Such techniques include regular massages and soothing music to make certain that the cattle remain healthy on a holistic level. These regimens seem to bring about great results as Japan is known for being the home of one of the most popular flavorful beef cuts – Wagyu, also known as Kobe beef. Learn more about comfort food Wagyu beef and how to choose the best cut.

While the United States has topped the ranks for the highest beef production, we may be selling ourselves short by not seeing what other countries have to offer. Though a good steak is not promised everywhere, we definitely have a few great options. The love for beef is widespread, and many cultures across the globe are competing to hold the title for the best beef in the world.

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