8 Family Get-Together Ideas That Will Involve The Younger Generation

Posted on Nov 7 2018 - 12:07am by Helen Cartwright

Family get-together ideas are helpful for families who all like to be together at the same time. There are many ways that a family could come together depending on what they think would be the most fun, and it would be wise for people to remember that they can try one or all of these ideas during the year.

These are ways that you can get the younger kids in the family to have a good time, and you will not leave them out like they might have been left out in the past. This is something that you must be sensitive to, and you must remember that the little kids notice when they are not included.

  1. Drive For A Campout

You can all hop into your comfy cars to take long trips to many different campgrounds that are near your home. However, you must choose a campground that has a playground for the kids, trails that they can walk, and maybe a river or creek that they can hang out by. The little kids in your family will be excited to see the playground and many little things they can do. They can also play near the adults because you are all in the open air. Take along all the camping requirements like the tent if needed, items for the campfire, food, sleeping bags and all the necessary things. You may need a vehicle like Ford suv, which is comfortable and comes with a larger boot space to fit all the camping stuff you carry. 

  1. Family Non-Potlucks

The family non-potluck is an event where the kids all come with you to the event. They will help you cook all the things that you need to make, and they feel included because they have to cook in order to have the meal. You could have some desserts ready for the kids to make, and this helps everyone get involved because you can cook the big things while the kids are doing something simple.

  1. Road Trips

You could take road trips to an attraction that you will like, and you will find that the kids in the family have a good time on these trips. They like to stop for things along the way that are just as much fun as the attraction you have picked, and you could even let the kids pick the places to stop along the way. You might come across some fun places to eat or play, and you will begin to enjoy he road trips more because the kids help keep the pace a little bit slower.

  1. The Park

Going to a local park is a great thing for the family to do because you can bring a picnic and hang out for much of the day. There are some people who would prefer to have a picnic because they believe that the picnic will be something that everyone can enjoy. It is a fairly simple thing for you to manage because you can get everyone to bring some food, find a park where the kids can play on the playground, and pick a park that is very nice to rest in. The kids feel included because they can play and do their own thing without sitting at the small table. 

  1. Football Parties

The kids can all watch the game and eat food with you when you have parties or tailgates for the upcoming football games you want to watch. Bring the whole family together for these events because they all have something that they will enjoy during this party. You can give the football party some flair if you are all rooting for the same team, or you could have a football party where you have many people rooting for opposing teams. That could make the party much more interesting, and you can have some interesting banter. 

  1. Game Night 

You should have a game night that is going to help you play all the games that the kids can participate in. Someone who thinks that they can host a party for just one game needs to be sure that they have enough resources for the kids to play. This is one of the more serious things that you can do with the whole family because everyone shows up knowing what they can do. You all are playing the same game, and you will have a nice time because even the kids can beat the adults at many of these games.

  1. Races

You could all come together over a road race that everyone plans to run. You could all run your own portion of the race, and you could have a cookout or a party after the race. These races are big community events that everyone will show up to, and you might meet friends and family there because you want to all get together before the race to have some fun. These are great events to meet during because the kids can run these races. There are even wheelchair and handicapped versions of these races so that all the members of the family can run.

  1. Holiday Parades

You can go to holiday parades with the family that will allow you to eat and drink and have a good time. Kids love these parades because they like to see the floats and the people. There are many kids who are trying to get into the parades, and that could make the family get-together that much more fun. In fact, your whole family might plan to go to the parade, make a float, and have a party after the parade is over. Going to much larger parades in a big city is also something that kids will love because the spectacle is so big.


The family events that you are looking at planning can keep the kids happy. You do not want to do things that exclude the kids, and you do not want them to feel like they are being left out even though the whole family is together. Be certain that you have picked a road trip, campground, parade, race, or football game that you can enjoy with the kids. You can completely change how they feel about these parties, and they have fun just like the adults.

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