5 Best Croatian Seaside Cities

Posted on Nov 1 2018 - 11:15pm by Alex Dragas

Croatia is a country that is among the top tourist destination with the main attraction being the rich cultural, history and wonderful beaches. One of the most unique features of this country is that it is home to many islands with the mainland and touring these islands give a person a lifetimeadventure. Majority of visitors to Croatia chose to tour the big cities however the beauty and culture rich places lies in small towns. The beaches in these towns are smartly marked with first-rate hospitality from local people and boat charter make the exploration to these places unforgettable and easy. The following are some of the best Croatian seaside cities.

1. Dubrovnik

This is one of the big city in Croatia and is characterized by rocky beaches and steep cliffs which make this town one of its kind. The city wall gives the locals a spectacular place to dive into the rocky water which is near the old town. There are several top class hotels that offer that chance for a person to enjoy the luxurious beach experience.


Brela is a municipality town with the best beaches and it is located northwest of Makarska and one of its beaches Punta Rata was named top ten beaches in the world in 2004. The landmark of this town which appears on a postcard as a unique feature of this place is the Brela stone covered beautiful pine tree. Another unique attraction of this town is Biokovo Nature Park locate about twenty minutes drive from Brela and offers a perfect day walk.

3. Omis

Omis is a small town located southeast of Split and it is well known for its rich traditional culture which is a key attraction to the visitors in this area. The town host many outdoor activities like rafting, Zipline and Kayaking. There are also two distinguishing monuments Fortica and Mirabella fortresses which give visitors a chance to view the town all around.

4. Hvar island

Hvar is located at the cost of Split and its beaches are lovely which are rocky and sandy with many people preferring rocky beaches. What makes the rocky beaches favourite to many people is due to their clear water and people walking there cannot have sand on their body. There are wonderful beach clubs which offers a brilliant chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the area.

5. Primosten

Primosten is a small town with a small population and it is famous for rural tourism due to its beauty. The Dalmatian tradition is a key attraction with its music, music instrument and also the tradition of domestic animals in the area. This town attracts especially young people due to its night activity like parties and live concerts. The traditional Folklore concert which is held in the main town square is a significant Attraction in the area.

There is many more seaside town in Croatia with attractive beaches and many visitors all over the world visit these places for their holidays and vacation. Many people visit during the summer season and it is, therefore, advisable for a person planning to visit a different part of Croatia to make an early arrangement. The bottom line is Croatia is indeed among the best place to visit.

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