5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Slovenia This Winter

Posted on Jan 28 2019 - 2:50pm by Alex Dragas

When you hear the words “winter break” what instantly comes to mind? Is it the beautiful charm of festive markets in Munich and Prague? The snowy paradise of the Dalmatian coast in nations such as Croatia? Or is it the beguiling light show of the Northern Lights in Norway and Iceland? Well, winter holidays are definitely not short of options and there is one more cold season getaway that should definitely feature among the answers and that is Slovenia. This little-known country comes into its own during winter and here are five reasons why it is a worthy destination for memorable frosty escapades.

1) Lake Blade turns into an icy marvel
Popular Lake Bled just 60 minutes off the nation’s capital of Ljubljana is as picturesque as landscapes come with this enticing water body engulfed by serene nature and contours that make for a heavenly outlook. During winter, Blade’s beauty magnifies tenfold as the onlooking tree line is lined with the white of snow while the water freezes solid encircling the medieval island in the middle in a glossy, mirror-like embrace. The panoramic views of the icy oasis and snow-laden trails splendidly echoing off the frozen canvas coupled with the crisp winter air is breathtaking taking and beyond Instagram worthy. 

2) Ljubljana transforms into Christmas central
Slovenia’s capital city certainly knows how to turn up the holiday heat as the idyllic town is overrun by festive lights and all sorts of holiday markets and stalls as well as a vibrant mood that is so strong you can almost taste it. Seasonal delicacies permeate the air wherever you go with lovely little stone fronts and endearing structures having you thinking that you are right in the middle of a storybook Christmas.

3) Slovenia is a skiing mecca over winter
Perhaps the most well-known fact about a country that has surprisingly stayed under the radar is that it affords amazing skiing trails and backdrops quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Winter turns the evergreen Alpine ranges into snowy delight with the Pohorje ridge availing a landscape of exciting valleys and towering peaks spanning the towns of Maribor, Dravograd, and Konjice. Providing cross-country trails and challenges for all skill levels, skiing Pohorje alone is worth the plane ride over.

4) Winter is an excellent time for ice climbing and igloo camping
If you’ve wondered how a camping trip in a circular ice dwelling feels like, then the country’s Triglav National Park is where you need to be headed for such an experience. Aside from an assembly of serene igloo villages providing much in the way of peace of quiet, the park also affords plenty of frozen waterfalls for ice climbing in nearby locations such as Tamar valley, Mlačca Gorge, Trenta valley, and Logar valley.

5) World class soothing spas sure to take your troubles away
Hot spas, or ‘termes’ as they are natively known, are one of the country’s most prized treasures with Slovenia amassing a collection including 15 certified natural spas across both indoor and outdoor settings. While each affords different kinds of experiences, you can generally look forward to bubbling pools of healing waters and all sorts of beauty treatments that comprise these multi-package oases of wellness.

So the next time winter comes calling, look no further than gorgeous Slovenia for a cold season vacation that you’ll back on very fondly.

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