Unforgettable Mahakam River Adventure in East Borneo

Posted on Feb 25 2014 - 2:01pm by Shem MD

Do you want something challenging when visiting East Borneo? Try joining Mahakam River adventure, a popular travel package designed for tourists who want to look more closely the beauty of forest, river and culture of Dayak people in Borneo. Almost the entire trip is conducted on the boat, although tourists will also walk out the boat to walk in the forest and visit various Dayak villages and communities. You can get exciting adventure, but you still get the comfort of well planned travel package.
Since this is a popular package in travel companies in Borneo, you can get guides who speak English, good accommodation, and even air conditioned boat for extra comfort.

mahakam river boat

Beautiful Nature Trip in Mahakam River Adventure

If you join Mahakam River Adventure, you can see everything that makes East Borneo forest famous. Once you enter the forest, your guide will show you beautiful birds, exotic trees and flowers, river dolphins and, if you are lucky, you can see orangutans among the trees. You can also visit orangutan sanctuary and research center. Guides know when Mahakam’s unique river dolphins appear on the surface, so do not miss it. You can also step out of the boat on designated spots and do jungle trekking in Kutai National Park.
Imagine the feeling when you spend the night sleeping in an air conditioned boat and waking up with the sight of rainforest in the morning with birds and river singing. This is truly an unforgettable trip to take.


Cultural Trip in Mahakam River Adventure

Mahakam River is an important river for Dayak people living around it, so you will also get a chance to see cultural richness of Dayak people. For example, during your trip, you will visit places such as the village of Dayak Benuaq people with its signature longhouse, where you can see traditional dances, ceremony and weapon. You can also visit unique floating house in Tanjung Isuy area, see actual Dayak villages along the river, and visit the Palace of Sultan Kartanegara, which was converted into museum.
This is a trip that will open your eyes about the richness of culture in East Borneo; therefore, this is a great trip to take if you are with family.

dayak benuaq long house

Preparation for Mahakam River Adventure

Since Mahakam River adventure involves visit to the forest and traditional villages as well as trekking, there are some preparations and notions to remember:

  • Always prepare appropriate clothing to explore the forest and river; wear good shoes to tread the wildlife area, comfy socks, cotton clothing, wide brim hat, and apply sunscreen. Also, prepare mosquito repellent.
  • Do not bring excessive things when you are doing jungle trekking or visiting villages. Prepare a nice, comfortable bag to carry essentials such as bottled water, tissue, bug repellent, sunscreen, camera, wallet and maybe small binocular if you want to see birds and monkeys.
  • Do not litter or destroy plants and hurt animals. Also, do not act disrespectfully when visiting Dayak villages; always respect people you meet and pay attention to what the guide says.

dayak benuaq

Mahakam River Adventure is the best adventure trip you can take in East Borneo.

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