Places to Visit in China for ‘Romance of Three Kingdoms’ Trip

Posted on Feb 27 2014 - 10:48am by Shem MD

If you love Chinese culture, you must know about the famous historical romance, ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’. This romance, which portrays the turbulent era of Three Kingdom Period in the 3rd century A.D., has become a favorite story around the world and even made into various movie and stage play adaptations. Romance of the Three Kingdoms trip has become favorite travel plan for those who visit China, where people will visit places that are depicted in the romance or places related to popular movie and series adaptation.


So, what kind of places you can visit if you are also a fan of this romance? There are two kinds of travel plans you can do: visit to places that become background of the famous series adaption in China, and visit to places that actually appear in the romance. Both offer beautiful view and fascinating historical trip, and you will be happy to see for yourself places that appear in your favorite Chinese historical romance.
Here are some recommended places to see for your Romance of the Three Kingdoms trip in China.

Wuhan City, Hubei

This is a very important city in China, a center of trade, education and tourism industry and also the fifth biggest city in China. Wuhan once ruled by the Kingdom of Wu, one of important kingdoms during the actual Three Kingdom period between 220 and 280 A. D. This city is bustling with activities and you can see a lot of interesting things and places of interests here.

Hubei-Museum wu kingdom ezhou wu kingdom hubei

Chibi (Red Cliff), Yangtze River

Everyone who knows the story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms must know the name of Red Cliff. Also known as Chibi, the cliff that is located near Yangtze River is one of the must-visit places in China for Romance of the Three Kingdoms trip. The famous war between the three kingdoms in the year 280 happened here, and people love to visit this cliff to commemorate the heroic Zhuge Liang, the main character in the romance, and also admire the beautiful view.

Chibi (Red Cliff), Yangtze River yangtze river

The Ancient City of Jingzhou

Jingzhou is also a place that became site of a great war between the three kingdoms. This is a beautiful historical city with polygonal protective walls, six entrance gates, hundreds of mausoleums, ancient tombs and many other historical relics. The tombs themselves are the resting places for descendants of Chu Kingdom families. This is a great place to visit for all the romance fans.

The Ancient City of Jingzhou

Wuxi, the Famous Series Set

The most famous series adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms were filmed in a city called Wuxi, and many romance fans also love to visit this city because of this. The large studio in this city is also called Three Kingdoms City based on the popularity. If you watch the show, you will be happy to involve this city as one of destinations for your Romance of Three Kingdoms visit. Aside from the actual series site, Wuxi also has a lot of beautiful places such as lakes and parks. You can ride rickshaw or watch martial art demonstration at nearby Shaolin Temple.

wuxi three kingdoms city wuxi

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