6 Best Food and Drinks You Have to Try in Australia

Posted on Sep 13 2019 - 8:00pm by Nina Simons

6 Best Food and Drinks You Have to Try in Australia


The majestic land Down Under has much more to offer except beautiful weather, light breeze, timid nights and gorgeous sight. Just as if that is not great enough, if you were to visit or travel this stunning continent, you will be able to enliven all your senses by tasting foods and drinks like nowhere else on the globe. Australia has an abundance of fantastic restaurants, pubs, and bars, that it makes it hard to rule out some specific one to go to since there are truly many. However, there are a  few ways to experience the enticing flavors of Australia. What you need to do is follow this list and get prepared to be mind blown by the variety of food and drinks you can taste while visiting Australia.

1. The mouth-watering lamingtons

Australian food

The lamington is a juicy and savory cake that has proudly earned the renowned reputation as being ‘National Cake of Australia’. Therefore, it is only logical to be on the top of the list. Lamington is a square-shaped sponge cake that is dipped and basically deeply coated in a thick layer of chocolate icing and then spread with coconut. In restaurants all around Australia, they make lamingtons traditionally and serve them with whipped cream or jam, and in some café’s you will see locals enjoying this mouth-watering delight with a cup of coffee.

2. Delicious school prawns


Being surrounded by water, all around Australia you will find many restaurants serving great seafood. However, if you fish to taste the gems of this wonderful country you should try the school prawns from the Sydney Fish Market. ‘Schoolies’ as called by the fishmongers, are small wild-caught estuarine prawns. At the Fish Market, you will always find them freshly caught. Restaurants Buon Ricordo in Sydney and Ricky & Pinky in Melbourne serve the most delicious school prawns. But, you can easily prepare them at home. Just dust them with flour, and fry until they are crispy.

3. The savory Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine in Australia

Australia has long been known as a producer of some of the greatest and most refined wines in the world. The entire region of South Australia can loudly brag about being a home to the world’s most exquisite wines. Choices are abundant, form chilly Merlot to rich and complex Pinot Grigio. If you cannot make up your mind which wine to try, you can always go for Cabernet Sauvignon which is well-structured, meticulously textured and with varietal flavors. The best thing about Australian wine is that you can always order one of your favorite boutique wines online, and enjoy in this riveting delight you tried in Australia in the comfort of your home.

4. Aussie Kangaroo barbie

A typical Australian barbecue or ‘barbie’ implies putting a lot of savory meat on the grill, inviting friends over and drink the night away. Kangaroos are overpopulating the terrain in some places, however, these joyous animals might not be your first choice of meat, but when you are in Australia it is perfectly normal to try kangaroo steak or burger. They are generally cooked rare to medium, and they blend deliciously with rosemary, garlic, and red currant. Sydney restaurant Angus Steak House is the best place to go to try grilled kangaroo.

5. The refreshing ginger beer

All around the world you will encounter different varieties of this drink. Nonetheless, ginger beer is one of the must-try Australian drinks because it is brewed in the most traditional ways. Firstly, they grind up dried ginger which locals have grown it so that it retains its full flavor, later they mix it up with sugarcane and water. After it gets heated and fermented with a special kind of yeast. Yummy! All across Australia, you will find many craft breweries that serve ginger beer, but you should try Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

6. Grab a juicy meat pie on the go

Roughly 24 million Australians eat up to 300 million meat pies a year. And it is no wonder that this seemingly simple treat is so popular all over Australia. Meat pie has quickly incorporated into Australian culture since it is served at pretty much every big event or restaurant. You will find meat pies are literally every gas station and bakery all across the country and it is damn delicious. You can top it up with homemade sauce or eat it plain. Anyhow, you are in for a real savory treat.

You can truly eat your way through the entire country’s culture and traditions. Make sure that you don’t miss out on these food and drinks while in Australia and if you can, grab them even as a takeaway.

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