6 Most Amazing Hiking Places in Australia

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Australia is a truly amazing country for many reasons. It’s a home for many amazing native plants and animals, pleasant people and breathtaking sceneries that can’t be compared with anything else.

Hiking and walking tours in Down Under is the reason why tourists from all over the world come to enjoy an active holiday. The diversity of trails over there is unbelievable, so everybody can find something that’s simply perfect for them. If you have been considering trying out hiking in Australia, here are some of the places you should visit.

Great Ocean Walk  

This unbelievable 104-kilometers long trail will take you through eucalypt and gum forest, along the sand dunes and long beaches, with occasional views from a cliff top. The trail starts at Apollo Bay and you’ll also get the chance to see Cape Otway Light station along the way. For those who like adventures, there are a couple of opportunities to see a shipwreck and take amazing photos of the Twelve Apostles, the popular limestone sea stacks. You can use shuttle service to transport your gear if you are on your own.

Great Ocean Walk Australia


The Grampians National Park offers you walks and hikes for everybody. Maybe you want just a gentle stroll through Australian nature. Then you should opt for Venus Baths Loop Walk or the Balconies Walk, which are both nearly 2 kilometers long and you can even do it with your kids. If you are up for a more serious challenge and a truly active holiday in Down Under, then try out one of the trails that will take you around half a day to finish. Some of them include Splitter Falls, the Grand Canyon ad Venus Baths. Each of them has its own delights, so it’s up to you.

Grampians Australia hiking

Blue Mountains

As this trail is pretty close to the capital of Australia, it’s very popular among tourists. Here you will be able to see a classic example of Australian parkland and enjoy huge waterfalls cascading from high cliffs. You can choose whether to go through the canyon or reach the peak of the mountain. It’s a part of the huge Great Dividing Range, which got its status as a World Heritage site in 2000. Be prepared for about 140km of different trails that offer various levels of intensity.

Blue Mountains Australia

Tasman Peninsula

Tasmania is perfect for those who like having the opportunity to choose between easy and medium-intensity hikes, but who also enjoy visiting great restaurants with local cuisine when the hiking is over. Tasmania’s sights are simply for every type of tourist. So, if you’re up for an easy walk, there are tours where you can only take a bottle and a jacket with you, and you’re set. On the other hand, more intensive and adventurous 3 Capes Walk includes a three-days walk after which you can choose whether to enjoy a scenic helicopter ride over Tasman island or a cruise around the Three Capes. Perfect!

Tasmania Australia


If you are crazy about rainforest bushwalking, then your search is over. Lamington National Park offers you two choices when it comes to main hiking trails. The first one is the Green Mountains, while the other one is Binna Burra. Situated in Queensland, this hiking destination offers you truly spectacular Australian sceneries and stunning waterfalls almost every step of the way. The Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk can start or finish at the Green Mountains, depending on what you want. Just bear in mind this isn’t for anybody – it’s a 54km long walk but every kilometer will be worth the trouble!


Australian Alps Walking Track

Be prepared for 655 kilometers of an incredible journey that starts as Walhalla. You will get the chance to enjoy several national parks if you are ready to spend around two weeks or more with a guided group. This is a holiday on its own, so it’s for adventurous people who enjoy spending their holidays in complete wilderness and being fully active. This also means it’s only for the fittest ones.

All in all

As you can see, Australia has a lot of charming places and numerous fun activities to offer. Still, it’s safe to say that hiking and walking opportunities Australia has to offer to the world are truly unique.

If you decide to visit Down Under, you should try out one of the hiking or walking trails mentioned above. You shouldn’t care about your level fitness because there is a perfect trail for people of all ages. It’s not just about testing your boundaries – it’s also about clearing your mind while admiring the natural beauties around you. That’s what walking and hiking tours really offer – a chance to detach from everyday life and to do something healthy for your body and mind.

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