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Donegal is the second-largest county with unquestionably rich scenery in Ireland. From the 300-kilometer stretch coastline, intoxicating headlands, high sea cliffs to natural parks, there is a lot to explore from this region in Ireland. If you are planning a trip and wondering what you will be treated to, below are just but a few items to enjoy while in Donegal.


The Malin Head

The Malin’s head is probably the most northern part of Ireland. This makes it worth a visit, especially if you have been to the County Cork, which is the south-western part of Ireland. The site offers exquisite views with a lot of walking and biking opportunities to challenge your outdoor self.

At some point in the Malin Head, you will see the words “Eire” written with stones on the grass. This recent discovery is said to have been engraved during the Second World War so that the above-flying Germans could know that they were flying over Ireland, who were neutral during the war. This came after they accidentally bombed Dublin, thinking it wasn’t part of Ireland.

The Atlantic Drive

Donegal has several stunning beaches, and it is a pity if you don’t get good weather to enjoy them. Among the best beaches is the Portsalon Beach that has a stunning stretch of water with different shades of blue and golden sand. If you need more of the beach view, take an Atlantic drive.

If you have your own campervan, car or using a tour guided car, you should go for the Atlantic Drive. This is part of the longest Wild Atlantic Way, which is the longest coastal road excursion. There are countless beautiful views, and photo lovers will enjoy this trip here.

Boat ride to Tory Island

Tory island is one of the many remote and intriguing islands in Ireland. Despite the remote nature, it is worth a visit, especially for history enthusiasts. There are a lot of interesting things about this small Island.

With a population of about 200 people, you will find deeply rooted Irish language speakers and conservatives who still keep traditional Irish culture. The fact that a king rules them says a lot about this Island. Therefore, spend at least one day learning more about Ireland’s culture on this Island.

There are other interesting things to see during your Donegal trip. Some key centres that shouldn’t miss in your schedule include;

  • The Glenveagh Castle
  • Slieve League Cliffs
  • The Lough Derg
  • The Famine Village
  • The Letterkenny Catherdral

Accommodation in Donegal

Accommodation is probably one of the major concerns for freebies looking to enjoy their stay in Donegal. However, there should be no course to worry about. Imagine waking up to chirping birds, the mouth licking smell of Irish breakfast wafting from the kitchenette and amazing morning view from the surrounding coastline. This is just a portion of what you get by checking into Donegal Thatch Cottages. You can book through Airbnb for a bed and breakfast option. Hosts in the cottages are very welcoming, and you will surely enjoy your stay here.

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