Popular Coffee Cream Brulee by Country and The Way It Is Served

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Coffee has been known as favorite beverage since many years ago. In many countries, coffee is served in different ways. In Indonesia, for instance, coffee is most commonly served in black with the addition of white sugar. In some countries, coffee is served with cream or milk. If you are a coffee lover, you need to know many kinds of coffee served in some countries. If you want to have a trip someday, you can try each famous popular coffee in some countries. You will be able to experience the fantastic taste of coffee from many countries.

Coffee Served in Some Countries

Coffee is a good option to accompany you while sitting at the back patio after work. However, the way it is served in your country may be different from it is in another country. The following are some example:

Shangri-La serving up high tea the way the Brits intended

… the “Coco”, with a delicate coconut biscuit, kalamansi lime curd, topped with ginger and coriander-infused pineapple; and the “Café au Lait”, with vanilla mascarpone cream, a coffee cream brulee centre, white chocolate flakes and coffee soaked sponge.

The United States
In the United States, coffee cream brulee is the most famous one. It was first made by Chef Ramsay, a famous celebrity chef from America. This coffee is made from black coffee and cream. The cream is the quarter of the black coffee. Then it is shaken until thicken. After that, yolk and vanilla are added on top of it. Then it is heated using blowtorch until you see crust on the cup. This coffee is perfect for those who like to experience the new taste of coffee. You can eat the crust first and then drink the coffee inside.

coffee cream brulee

The famous coffee in Spain is called Cafe Bombon. It is made from the combination of espresso and milk. It is modified version of the coffee from many countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Italy is famous for its cafe latte. This coffee is made from espresso and cream. The cream is the half of the espresso. Besides in Italy, the coffee is also famous in many countries around the world. Moreover, it has always been in the list of favorite beverages in exclusive coffee shops around the world.

Ireland has been known for its Irish coffee. Actually, it is more like cocktail than coffee. This is a combination of thick black coffee, whiskey, cream, and brown sugar. This coffee is usually served with cinnamon and whipping cream and frequently served in cocktail glass because it is more like cocktail and ideal for cocktail party. The recipe is found by Joseph Sheridan, the head of chefs in one of famous restaurants in Ireland.

In Indonesia, there are many kinds of coffee, such as Sumatra coffee, Java coffee, Bali coffee, and Sulawesi coffee. Each coffee has its own unique flavor. Mostly, coffee in Indonesia is served in black with the addition of white sugar. Some are served with milk. Coffee in Indonesia has been famous and is exported to Japan and USA.

There are still many more coffees around the world. Coffee is not only about the beverage, but also about the culture of the people. You can learn the culture of a country by means of coffee drinking habit. Coffee has been a companion. Some people drink coffee because of personal preference, some other because of coffee drinking culture to socialize with others, and some others because of lifestyle.

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