Popular Food Festivals to Visit around the World

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 10:37am by Shem MD

Are you a kind of person who likes culinary world? Having a taste of many different kinds of meals is a fun. You will be able to notice the difference of every meal in each state or country. If you want to travel and taste the country’s food, it is better if you go to food festival. By having a direction to this kind of event, you can get the traditional food of each country easily.

popular food festivals

Food Festivals around the World

There are many popular food festivals around the world. When visiting one of these countries, the culinary visit can be an interesting part of your travel package. The following are some of them:

The Taste
The Taste takes place in Paramount Studios. It is a three-day festival, sponsored by Los Angeles Times. You can eat any foods and any drinks for only $65. You will see local restaurants, bakeries, wineries, and many other culinary stalls here.

Hokikita Wildfoods festival
This food festival takes place in New Zealand’s South Island and usually takes place in March. The festival celebrates the weird side of food. For those who like to taste weird foods, this festival is a perfect option. You can taste the snails, worm milkshakes, flower wine and more.

La Tomatina
La Tomatina, which is held in Spain, is the biggest food fight in the world. Here, you are free to throw tomatoes to everyone. This is good to refresh your mind and relieve yourself from the stressful day. This event is usually on August.

Maine Lobster Fest
This food festival is held in New England town of Rockland. You can enjoy many variations of lobster served for meal. While eating lobster, you can also enjoy live music and carnival rides.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
In this festival, you will be able to taste many different kinds of food. In addition, you can meet celebrities and watch cooking demonstration directly.

Gilory Garlic Festival
This food festival is held in the United States, exactly California. This festival celebrates the garlic harvest. There are many kinds of foods made of garlic, including garlic ice cream, garlic pop corn, and garlic mussels.

Cayman Cookout
This is the biggest Caribbean culinary event. Located in Grand Cayman Island, this festival celebrates all fantastic flavors of meals in this island. You will see cooking demonstration outside. This is the best festival to enjoy great taste of Caribbeans food. While in this place, you can also have culinary tours of the island. It is going to be an amazing tour.

JFFF( Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival)
Located in Jakarta Indonesia, this festival is usually held in May to June. It will bring you the best foods from all over Indonesia. While enjoying the food, you can also enjoy the latest fashion trend performed on the runway. Some signature events are Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe, Wine and Cheese Expo, Jakarta Wine and Cheese Run, and Eat and Win.

There are still many more festivals, which you can visit around the world. You can choose to visit them based on your taste. The taste from all over the world will introduce you to the diversity of the culture and tastes.

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