How To Order A Pizza/Beer/Taxi/Coffee in 15 Different Languages

Posted on Aug 13 2017 - 7:47pm by James Brockbank

No matter where you head for your next holiday, you can be sure there will be no issues communicating with locals.

This is because a lot of countries around the world speak English. In fact, according to Wikipedia, English is the third largest language by number of native speakers in the world. If you take into account non-native speakers, it becomes the second largest.

This is obviously very helpful, especially if you’re travelling to countries very different to where you call home. However, it of course, means that you are very unlikely to make the effort to learn another language.

This lack of effort on the part of British and North American tourists is often interpreted as being rude in certain countries.

The assumption that locals will know English is a reasonable one. However, the expectation is something which understandably can seem rude to those who are already making an effort.

A great example can be seen in this article from the Telegraph. It explains why much of the British Expat community in Spain tends not to bother learning Spanish.

How To Order A Pizza/Beer/Taxi/Coffee in 15 Different Languages

It’s for this reason that before we head off on our next holiday, we should at least learn a few important things.

A great place to start is with common phrases you’re likely to use whilst away. You can find a number of great examples in a new infographic from

It’s called ‘How To Order A Beer/Pizza/Taxi/Coffee In 15 Different Languages Around The World’. You can take a look for yourself below this post.

As infographics go, this one really does what it says on the tin. It covers languages from a number of popular destinations including Spanish, Italian and French. On top of this, it offers some for the more adventurous traveller, including Japanese and Russian.

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