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Posted on Aug 9 2017 - 9:31pm by Caroline Johnson

Imagine yourself, right now, stood at a music festival of your choice, all of your pals around you, your favourite band playing your favourite song.

Imagined it? What are you likely to do to capture this moment? Of course, it’s going to be taking a photo and uploading it to Instagram, because that’s half the fun of spending a weekend in a field, right?

Accessorize have researched into the most Instagram worthy festivals in the UK, US and Europe and plotted them on a wanderlust-worthy interactive map.

From the wonderful land of the free (USA) to the UK across to Europe – there are some pretty cool festivals to be attending.

The top ten are as follows for the US:


Coachella, of course, could not be any less than number 1 – the biggest A-Lister festival set in in the Colorado dessert, California. Whether you’re looking to pile in with friends or lounge in the lap of luxury, Coachella has lodging options for every festival goer.

The festival offers more delicious food than you could eat in a weekend, with over 100 choices serving everything from wood-fired pizza and handcrafted burgers to authentic street food and fresh-from-the-wok noodles.


It was without doubt that Glastonbury gained the throne within the UK festivals, of course – set in Somerset on Worthy Farm in Pilton, Glastonbury has been going for 47 years and started out with a capacity of 1,500 which has increasingly grown to over 135,000.

With the Great British countryside at your feet, I’d recommend signing up for your tickets for 2018.


Ohh wonderful Europe, how many festivals there are!

Sziget, based in, Hungary takes the festival crown for Europe – with a capacity of over 496,000 that attended the 2016 24th edition of the festival.

Sziget takes place on a beautiful island on the Danube every August and brings together people from all over the world, as well as musical (mainly) and other acts and events. It’s a fantastic multicultural experience, and a lot of people take advantage of it every year.

Check out the interactive map courtesy of Accessorize, and explore the rest of the UK, US and European festivals.

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