Get Ready for Indonesia’s Tour de Singkarak in June

Posted on Jun 5 2014 - 10:35am by Shem MD

Exotic Sumatra Island in Indonesia is packed with enthusiastic readers every year for Tour de Singkarak, which is an annual event of cycling tour held as one of tourist attractions in West Sumatra. This tour is a routine event in UCI Road Calendar for Asia Tour, and has drawn thousands of cyclists from around the world and all walks of life. With unique combination between sport and tourism event, the tour will again bring the cyclists in a long, well planned route around beautiful and interesting popular spots in West Sumatra.

Pasaman Barat Persiapkan Diri Untuk Ajang Tour de Singkarak (TdS) 2014

First held in 2008, Tour de Singkarak has become annual tourism agenda and brought positive impacts to local economy, as well as promoting West Sumatra as another great travel destination in Indonesia.

New Tour de Singkarak in June 2014
This year’s Tour de Singkarak will be held from June 7th to 15th and consist of nine stages. These nine stages are by no means light, and as usual, the route of each stage will consist of various popular West Sumatra travel destinations. Here are the nine routes that the cyclists will use in the next Tour de Singkarak:

  • Stage 1: from Padang Pariaman to Pariaman, 98.5 km (June 7th)
  • Stage 2: from Pasaman to Pasaman Barat (West Pasaman), 123.5 km (June 8th)
  • Stage 3: from 50 Kota to Tanah Datar, 100 km (June 9th)
  • Stage 4: from Bukittinggi to Agam, 165 km (June 10th)
  • Stage 5: from Payakumbuh to Solok, 102 km (June 11th)
  • Stage 6: from Padang Panjang to Solok City, 111 km (June 12th)
  • Stage 7: from Sijunjung to Dharmasraya, 167.5 km (June 13th)
  • Stage 8: from Sawah Lunto to Solok Selatan (South Solok), 167 km (June 14th)
  • Stage 9: from Pesisir Selatan to Padang (capital city), 120 km (June 15th)

As you can see, this year’s Tour de Singkarak will present quite challenge, not to mention many young blood and professional teams that will participate. In the end, this event is something that any cyclists and Indonesia travel enthusiasts cannot skip.

Indonesian Team Will Present Best Performance
In the last Tour de Singkarak, Indonesian national team managed to snag the third place in the tour. This year, riders from other countries can expect the same challenge from Indonesian national team, especially since the team joins this tour as preparation for their involvement in the next Asian Games. Also, the Pegasus Team, which is Indonesia’s continental cycling team, will also participate and no doubt present quite challenge for other teams.

Other cyclists must also prepare for the performance of three past champions: Ghader Mizbani Iranagh, Oscar Munoz and Amir Zargari. However, many spectators also wait in anticipation if there will be an underdog champion that wins the tour. Nevertheless, this year’s Tour de Singkarak has been welcomed with enthusiasm by professional cyclists and West Sumatra people, and surely will become another successful event with a lot of cheering, enthusiasm, and of course promotion of beautiful natural and cultural attractions in the exotic West Sumatra.

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