Enjoy a Culinary Tour in La Boqueria Market, Spain

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Ask everyone, and almost everyone will agree that La Boqueria Market is a perfect place to taste Spanish dishes. Located in Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, Catalona, Spain, La Boqueria market is one of the main and foremost tourists’ attractions that offer a wide range of good and food selections. From Pincho to Tapas, all types of traditional and modern Spanish dishes are available in this market. It is one of the most famous food markets in the world, especially in Europe, and it attracts more than a million people every year. This landmark has well-known restaurants and cafés, full of delicious cuisine.


Originally, the first public market was opened on Saint Joseph’s day, in March 19th 1840. This place was firstly transformed into modern market in 1914, when Marquis Campo Sagrado, Catalonia’s general captain at that time, decided the rules for the market after the convent was gone. Not only does it offer excellent dishes, the market is also home for fresh ingredients presented in great charm by the local sellers.


Extraordinary Spanish Cuisines

Enjoying the landmark of this site will not be complete if you do not try the traditional Spanish dishes along the street, either offered in outdoor or indoor food stalls. The following are some must-try dishes at La Boqueria Market:

  • Manchego Cheese

This type of cheese is very popular and important sheep’s cheese in Spain. It is has unique characteristics, in terms of both taste and appearance. This cheese is made from pure milk of Manchega sheep, bred in La Mancha region, which has cool weather and lush plants for the sheep to eat. This dish has been a part of tradition of Spanish people in the past. Therefore, make sure you taste one from the traditional restaurant that still preserves the original taste of the cheese.

manchego cheese

  • Jabugo

Jabugo or Jamon Iberico is an Iberian ham and it has become a special dish in Spain and Portugal, derived from black Iberian pig. The price rate, taste, and grade are varied according to the pig’s diet. The finest and most expensive grade of the ham is called bellota, which is obtained from pigs grown in oak forest at the border between Spain and Portugal. The animal eats only acorns.


jabugo ham

  • Tapas

If you are wandering around La Boqueria market, make sure you try Tapas. It is a snack or appetizer, which you will definitely find in the market, offered in various presentation. One of the most famous places that serve tapas in Spain along La Boqueria market is Pinotxo Bar. The bar offers you delicious and cooked tapas and it is highly recommended by the tourists and local people.


bar-pinotxo-tapaz Garbanzos

In addition, during your visit, if you like to enjoy a relaxing morning or afternoon, you can try Spanish specialist, Café con Leche. It is a white coffee beverage, which is similar to caffe latte. The beverage is made from strong or bold coffee, mixed with scalded milk, depending on the customers’ preference. This type of beverage is very suitable to enjoy after you spend your time walking around the market.


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