Chivas Regal and History behind the Best Scotch Whiskey

Posted on Mar 3 2014 - 1:10pm by Shem MD

A whiskey tasting shall not complete if you have not try Chivas Regal yet. The best thing about this liquor is that it is widely available and accessible in almost every continent – from Europe to Asia Pacific. You can enjoy the unique taste of this Scotch whiskey in a classy café or restaurant or order it from the shop, and enjoy it right in your home with the loved ones in a special occasion. The whiskey is produced in various ranges, which depend on the year of the production. Just like any other liquor, the older it is, the more expensive it will be. The taste is incredibly unexpected for a widely available whiskey, yet in limited quantities; some have low expectation, but wait until you taste it yourself.


The History of Chivas Rigal

It dates back in the 1801, where the Chivas Brothers established a grocery store in Aberdeen, providing supply of goods, and malt whiskey in highest quality to the local people at that time. The Chivas brothers also supplied provisions for the royal family after Queen Victoria’s visit to Scotland. As the business grew, they gained reputation and started to build their own brands. It began with the advent of grain whiskey in 1830s, and James Chivas started to provide fine Scotch whiskies of their aged blends in the shop.


For their outstanding work of service, in 1843, they were granted Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria to supply provisions to the Royal Households. Since then, the Brothers responded to the high demand of the customers for smoother whiskey. In their home’s distillery in Keith, they started to select and blended the finest malt and grain whiskey of smoothness and richness harmony of flavor. This is what is recognized as the new method of producing fine whiskey.


In 1909, the 25-year-old blend of Chivas regal product entered New York, and in a short period, the new product became popular among the elite of Manhattan. Unfortunately, despite its popularity and high demand, the 25-year-old blend was shut down due to the prohibition in 1920. In 1938, Chival Regal made a comeback in the market with their 12-year-old blend whiskey, and the company grew rapidly due to the exceptional publication and campaign.

The Beginning of Popularity

In 1997, a new signature was born, namely 18-year-old blend Chival Regal, which achieved several award for new blend. This premium quality of scotch is a unique blend, containing exceptionally deep, complex, and richness of flavor. In 2007, the 25-year-old blend of whiskey was recreated by master blender Charles Howard in the same Chivas tradition. Up until today, Chivas Regal still stands tall and loved by the customers.


With such a long history, it is no wonder that Chivas Regal achieves its position today as the best-blend scotch. This whiskey has the smoothest texture according to almost every scotch lovers around the world; every aspect of this liquor deserves premium status. This drink is the perfect gift to impress someone, or to hold a dinner banquet. Despite those super-premium characteristics, Chivas Regal comes in a very expensive price, and it is only available in limited stock.

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