Best Nutrition Tips for Avid Travelers

Posted on Aug 23 2020 - 8:06pm by Nina Simons

It’s a known fact that when you are traveling you are constantly on your feet and moving. But no matter if you are traveling because of work or out of love, most people diet sufferers while doing so. In most cases, people don’t even think about how travel will impact their diets and not a lot of people will think about doing travel meal prep. But your nutrition doesn’t have to suffer while you are enjoying yourself when traveling. Here are some of the best nutrition tips for avid travelers.

Nutrition Tips for Going on Road Trips

As we all know, driving is much slower than taking a plane. But because you are spending so much time in the car, you will lose track of the things you are eating. If you are going on a long road trip, make sure that you pack some snacks. Opt for whole foods that are high in nutritional values. When you know the route of your road trip, do some research about the places where you can stop to have a meal, instead of eating just burgers and fries. Another good way to ensure that you will be having a nutritional meal is to pack your food and have a picnic. Pack and eat foods that are easier to digest. That way you will feel satisfied without being bloated, feeling sick and having a stomach ache. By doing meal prep and bringing your meal you won’t have the temptation to stop for some fatty greasy foods along the way. 

There is no reason to eat the luck in your car just because you have prepared it at home. You can indulge in your nutritious meal somewhere nice along the way to your destination. That way you will be able to stretch out your feet and breathe in some fresh air after being cooped up in the car for hours. You can even find some fun and interesting destinations to visit along the way. Taking a stroll after you have eaten your body will digest food much better and faster. 

Keep in mind that when you are stopping at a gas station to fill up your tank and have a restroom break you don’t need to buy unhealthy snacks and a soft drink. There are so many better things you can purchase than those unhealthy ones. Instead of going for chips and a chocolate bar, buy a trail mix or dried fruit. If you are thrifty for something other than water look for drinks that are unsweetened and healthier. Some gas stations will even have healthy food isles or refrigerators where you will be able to find salads, yogurts, and healthy nutritious foods. Eating nutritious foods will not only keep you healthy but it will help you stay alert while driving along with a good night’s rest. 

If you find yourself hungry and near a drive-through that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat something healthy. Instead of ordering deep-fried chicken, ask for a grilled version. If you are normally practicing portion control order foods from the kids’ menu. Don’t get soft drinks instead ask for ice water. By substituting simple things like this, you will end up with a nutritious meal instead of an unhealthy one.

Nutrition Tips for Air Traveling

If you are on a business vacation or taking an exotic vacation you will need to take a plane to reach the destination. But unfortunately, airports are not the place where you can earth healthy nutritious foods. On top of that, when you are at the airport you are in most cases stressed out, which is taking a big toll on your body. After all the chaos of checking in your bag, you are most likely going to be starving. The best way to quench your hunger is by eating a healthy snack or a small meal.  

Make sure that you plan ahead if you know that you will be flying during your meal hours because you don’t want to starve and skip meals. Even though you are not the one driving, traveling is tiring and it takes a toll on your body. To make sure that your body is fueled with healthy nutrients make sure that you pack some snacks in your carry-on. But pack foods that you can travel with and ones that can sit for a long time. Pack nuts and dried fruits because carrying your luggage and walking across the airport to reach your gate is quite a workout.

If there are complimentary snacks on the plane make sure that you pick the most nutritious option. You can even ask the flight attendant if there are any fresh fruit available. If there aren’t any picking the roasted peanuts is much better to pick than having cookies or crackers. You will also have to be mindful when picking a drink because too much will have you running to the bathroom. Avoid drinking caffeine as well as alcohol.

Nutritional Tips When Dining Out

When you are traveling to a new place, exploring new restaurants is a great way to spend time. But sometimes that will make it harder to keep your healthy eating habits. Make sure that you are picking the most nutritional meals when you are exploring new places.

The best way to keep up with your diet is by knowing your schedule and planning your meals instead of going wherever and whenever to eat. If you know that there is a business dinner that day, make sure that you eat light throughout the day. That way you won’t overeat later. When you have eaten mindfully all the way you don’t feel guilty about eating at the restaurant. Once you are in the restaurant make sure that you pick a well-balanced meal. Opt for safe bets like beef and vegetables and meals that will be nutritious and good no matter where you are in the world. If the portion is too much for you to eat, ask them to pack it and take it home. 

Do your best to resist the urge to eat out for every meal. When you decide to go out, make sure you do it in moderation. Always eat healthy food first and then if you are still hungry you can eat some chips and salsa or other complementary foods that they offer.

Start Your Day off Right

No matter where or how you are traveling, the most important thing is that you start your day with a nutritious breakfast. It will not only fuel your body it will help you stay focused throughout the day. You don’t need to have a big fancy meal in the morning. You can eat simple foods like a hard-boiled egg, overnight oats, or avocado toast. Some of the options you can even prepare the night before. Do your best to avoid soft drinks and energy drinks because they will make you feel more sluggish but not let you sleep. Instead of drinking, those things opt for caffeinated drinks like matcha, tea, or coffee. Tea and coffee are packed with antioxidants as well as good for promoting a healthy immune system function. Those drinks are easily found anywhere you go and good for fueling your body in the morning while driving or walking.

Another important thing that you want to do is research before you go out to eat. Stray away from sugary pastries and breakfasts. Instead of those, eat foods that will keep you full for a longer period of time if you know that your next meal won’t be soon. By eating a nutritious breakfast you will have more energy to do what’s on your agenda for that day. If you have the option to eat breakfast at the hotel buffet make sure that you are picking the most nutritious and healthiest options that they offer. Opt for sliced fruit, eggs, low-fat yogurts with granola, and coffee or tea. Stay away from sugary foods like pastries, waffles and cereals or eat a healthy breakfast and treat yourself to a dessert if you have enough room for more. Although it is tempting to full up your whole plait with all the interesting foods at the buffet, make sure that you stick to your normal position sizes just like at home. 

Overall Tips

  • Avoid Getting Hungry

By eating healthy snacks throughout the day will prevent you from getting ultra-hungry between your meals. And you will be able to have the clearest judgment if you are not hungry. If you go to have lunch with a fully empty stomach you will eat more than you need. Therefore it is important that you make smart choices with food. Another important thing that you need to pay attention to is to limit the number of liquid calories you are consuming. Instead of drinking sugary things to lift you up make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking water or unsweetened tea. Always start your meals with vegetables and salads. This will help you not have the urge to eat the breadsticks, dips, and all the unhealthy things they offer you on the side. If you are ordering a salad make sure that you ask your dressing to be put on the side. When you are ordering foods make sure that you ask for grilled instead of fried options.

  • Always Plan Ahead

Before you even start traveling you have to prepare to eat healthily. By setting yourself up for success you will have the willpower to push through the tough adjustment period. Do the greasers. Find out what are the healthy places where you can eat as well as if there are any local farmers’ markets where you can buy fresh produce if there is a fridge in your hotel room.

  • Be Prepared If You Are Planning On Being Physically Active

If you aren’t traveling for business purposes and you are planning on being physically active like going on hikes, mountain biking, running, or anything that will involve exercise, you have to be prepared for it.  Therefore, make sure that you are packing energy-boosting foods and drinks as True Protein, dried nuts, Clif bars, and lots of water. It is very important to consume these things if you want to keep your muscles healthy.

  • Drink Even Before You’re Thirsty

If you are thirsty that’s already a sign of dehydration. By the time that you feel that you are thirsty that means that you are already up to 3 percent dehydrated. Therefore, especially when you are driving and walking around and being active you have to be constantly sipping on water. Once you are dehydrated you will lose your attention span, you will get a headache and you will lose energy. Always carry a bottle of water with you no matter where you go.

  • Pack A lot More Snacks Than You Think You Need

A lot of specialists agree that taking a bunch of healthy snacks with you is the best way to keep your diet regular when you are traveling. But it is important that you don’t pack snacks that are perishable as well as packing ones that are TSA-approved if you are flying. Pack protein bars and powder, dried nuts and bars as well as jerky or other snack items that you like. When you are snacking throughout the day on healthy snacks it will help you make healthier choices when it comes to picking meals. Eat a snack every couple of hours just enough so your stomach is never empty until you eat your big meal. How many snacks you need to buy is all up to how long you are traveling. You don’t need to buy snacks that you will eat during your stay, you can purchase those once you arrive at your destination. To stop yourself from eating snacks out of boredom, divide the snacks into little bags into one serving size.

When you are traveling you are given a chance to experience new types of drinks, foods and culture. There is no reason to restrict yourself from enjoying and having new experiences. But moderation is always the key. Rather than just letting yourself go and eating everything and anything that you see, try to portion your meals so you have a little bit of everything but still enjoy your stay.

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