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Posted on Jul 20 2020 - 8:35pm by Nina Simons

Traveling is great but many of us would eagerly skip some of the accompanying issues, such as sleeping problems.

Whether it’s the jet lag that’s going to bother you or you find it difficult to fall asleep while on the road, there are tricks by famous travel bloggers you can use that will make it easier for you.

Trick the jet lag

The general rule for dealing with jet lag is to gradually adjust your bedtime by one or two hours every day to be able to sleep well away from home at the proper time.

Depending on how many time zones you’ve traveled, here’s how to approach the issue:

  • if you didn’t change a time zone, take a short nap when you arrive (no longer than 2 hours)
  • if you’ve changed 1 or 2 time zones, adjust your bedtime by one hour in the course of two days
  • if you’ve changed multiple time zones, adjust your bedtime by one hour every day until you reach the difference

Note that the direction you traveled affects the level of easiness you’ll get used to the new time zone. Of course, a long flight will affect your health to some extent, but you can make it work when you arrive. It’s easier when you travel to the west because, for most people, it’s easier to stay up late than to wake up earlier than usual.

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Good-night gadgets

Earplugs are a highly effective solution against the noise, especially in hotels. Don’t use the hard styrofoam earplugs – they are scratchy and annoying. Try out a few types and see which pair is the most comfortable for you.

A white noise machine is excellent when riding in a car or to kill the hotel sounds. You can choose between several options, such as ocean waves, to help you fall asleep.

Noise-canceling headphones allow you to sleep while you’re wearing them and they can be a great alternative to earplugs. For some people, they are most effective if you wear them before going to bed.

Lastly, you can try out free apps on your phone that offer various white-noise soundtracks, such as raindrops. You can put your phone on the nightstand and play the app, get a speaker that’s designed to fit under the pillow, or simply wear headphones while listening.

Get comfy for pleasant dreams

While traveling, it’s possible to get a good sleep if you are well-prepared.

Wear something comfortable, not something with a lot of zips and buttons. Also, avoid uncomfortable footwear.

The best option is a t-shirt or a sweater, jogging bottoms, and trainers.

Our bodies love routine, so it would be great if you can take your usual pillow with you on the journey. Also, body pillows are a guarantee you’ll get good sleep no matter the quality of the bed you’re sleeping in. 

Sleep masks are useful, too, because they block the light that keeps you awake. Before you buy it, try it on to see if the headband is comfortable for the sleeping position you prefer. Also, check if it’s big enough to cover your earplugs.

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What you eat is how you sleep

Diet is always an important topic, especially if you want to fall asleep during your journey.

Water is the best beverage you can have while traveling while coffee, alcohol, and energy drinks will keep you dehydrated and more tired. 

For your trip, pack healthy snacks that are low in sodium. On the other hand, food rich in carbohydrates and tryptophan, such as cheese, bread, and nuts, make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Stay away from fast food, no matter how simple it is to get them while traveling. They are filled with saturated fat and sugar, which only leaves you with a heavy belly and no sleep.

When you finally arrive at your destination and you’ve changed time zones, try eating your meals at the same time you would if you were home. That will help your digestive system adapt to a new time zone. Otherwise, you will be woken up in the middle of the night feeling hungry like it’s noon.

Means of transport can’t bother you

If you’re traveling by train, you could be woken up to show your ticket. So, before you fall asleep, place the ticket in the slot or the holder in the seat in front of you. Alternatively, you can wear it around your neck if you hang it on a luggage tag holder.

If you have the option of choosing a “quiet” car on the train, do that. You’ll have to buy a dedicated ticket but at least you’ll have privacy and peace.

Riding in a regular car will be more comfortable for sleeping if you adjust your seat to a reclined position. Also, bringing a pillow and a blanket will mean a lot because you can place them against the window, as well. Place blinds for the windows, too, unless they block the driver’s vision. Alternatively, wear sunglasses and a hat.

The bus is much more comfortable to sleep in if you get an early-morning or a late-night ticket – it will be less crowded.

Bottom line

Travel bloggers know what they’re doing – follow their tips and you will ensure you have quality sleep no matter which transport you’re using and what your destination is.

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