The pros and cons of the cancellation trips

Posted on Feb 9 2014 - 12:30pm by Paul Winchester

Going on a holiday is something most people dream of all the time. There is nothing more refreshing than a week in the sun. There are, of course, holidays for every taste and interest and for every budget. There are plenty of agencies out there that are always willing to help you make the right choice. Amongst the holidays that you plan for a long time there are also cancellation trips that you can avail of if you can prepare yourself to leave in the last minute. Many people think that these vacations are the way to go but are these holidays as good as they are thought to be?

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One of the biggest advantages of the cancellation trips is that they are extremely cheap. You just need to be flexible with your time and you can find a fantastic all inclusive holiday half price. Many people would tell you that thanks to these trips they have been to places that they may have never considered visiting otherwise.

The travel agencies like to have their hotels and planes full so every seat needs to be taken. With the cancellation trips, although those seats have already been taken they have been cancelled afterwards, so the travel agency will need to sell them again in order to fill their hotels and planes. The prices of those trips, as mentioned before, are extremely low because most agencies have to refund only a small amount of money to the original holiday maker. The money that they have refunded they will need to get back and that is why these holidays are so cheap.

The cancellation trips need to be sold as quickly as possible. That is why it is wise to register your email address with a travel agency so that you stay updated with the latest holidays on offer. You will normally get emails on daily basis that will show you several cancellations that you can choose from. Remember that the first to come is served first so if you have found the desired holiday, you will need to book it ASAP.


One of the negatives of these trips is that, because they are extremely cheap, you need to book them as soon as you see them. You will not have the time to check if you can get days off work or to check if your partner can also make it. You will have to book the holiday and then worry about the rest. Sometimes you will feel forced to book a holiday that you have no idea if you will be able to attend.

You have to be very flexible with time as some of those cancellation trips are last minute notice meaning that they can only give you a day’s notice. Some people say that if you want to avail of those trips, you will need to have your bags packed before you start searching. This is something that most people wouldn’t do so it can cause them hassle in organizing everything before the departure like pets, kids, etc.

Cancellation trips may sometimes cost you a little more than if you have booked them in advance. This is because as you are buying somebody else’s holiday you will be paying for the things they have wanted to do or see. For example, if they had 2 kids and wanted to go to the water park every day, but you don’t have kids and want to go diving, you will have paid for the water park but wouldn’t be using it and you will have to pay for the diving trips additionally. Also, you will be stuck with their choice of hotel and food in the case of all inclusive holidays.

Cancellation trips are great if you know all the pros and cons and search for them the right way. However, they really are not for everyone out there so always do your research before you make any final decisions and payments.

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