How to get one year travel insurance as a senior citizen

Posted on Mar 18 2014 - 11:06am by Paul Winchester

travel insuranceLife does not stop when you cross the age of 60! In fact, for most people, this is a period of life, which is most enriching. The reasons for that are pretty simple. Once you reach sixty, you do not have any responsibilities. All your kids are grown up and now have kids of their own. There is no financial burden as your savings and pension plans are enough to sustain you and let you live comfortably.

This is an age when most senior citizens want to travel across the world. However, the biggest hurdle is getting one year travel insurance when travelling. While most senior citizens may be fit enough to travel, the insurance companies see them as liabilities. Hence, the upper limit for any type of travel insurance is set at sixty-five years or sixty-six years.

However, this does not mean that you cannot get one year travel insurance . Today, we will share with you a few ways and means to get this type of insurance.

To start off, you need to narrow down the correct insurance company. As we said, since most insurance companies have an upper limit of sixty-five or sixty-six years, you need to focus on those companies that allow you to take travel insurance up to eighty-five years of age. The number of such companies is quite low. However, if you check out online and offline advertisements, you will be able to find these companies in your area.

Next, you should read the offers and the terms and conditions. More often than not, due to the advanced age of the individual applying for one year travel insurance , these companies demand a higher amount of premium and have extremely strict rules and regulations. Read the terms and conditions and then fix up an appointment with the company to understand each of the rules and how they affect you.

Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to get yourself and your partner cleared for travel. In order to do this, make up an itinerary of the places you want to visit and the times when you want to travel. Next, research the local conditions during those periods and the health related issues travellers may face. Approach your local physician with this information and let him or her advise you about all the inoculations and other medical procedures. Remember, if you do not do this before you purchase one year travel insurance, the insurance company can charge you a higher premium.

The final step is to cross check the travel conditions covered under the policy. With all due respect to your age, you should check if emergency medical facilities like ambulance services and hospitalization are provided when needed. Remember that you are travelling to a foreign country and every single detail is important when you are taking one year travel insurance. Do your homework well and you will be covered for all your trips within a year, even though you may be a senior citizen.

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