Greenbelt Mall, Philippines

Posted on Feb 9 2014 - 1:17pm by Andre Tirtodipoero

Malls, are always defined as a building with so many boutiques inside and women carrying a minimum of one shopping bag moving here and there. The image of a big building with so many shops inside are familiar to our mind when we talk about a mall. For those who are not really interested in shopping, especially boys, coming to a mall is a very lazy thing to-do. Well if you try to come to Greenbelt Mall, there will be a different story.


There is a big-enough Asian garden in the front of this mall door. For boys or any other friends and family that do not like shopping so much, you can rest around this garden while waiting for the girls. What if it’s raining? Greenbelt Mall has also provided a very beautiful interior design for you. You can take so many great pictures here with you friends. But before you do that, remove all the images of a tall silver building that is so boring, so you can really enjoy Greenbelt Mall.

Not only views, Greenbelt also provided some events that you can enjoy in the mall. Music bands may also ccompany you and your resting time in the garden. That is why this mall is highly recommended for a place-to-visit during the weekends. No tickets are needed, no need to join a very long queue just to enjoy a music performance. This can be a great place to relase all of your stress in the whole week so you can prepare yourself weell for the upcoming week!

Some friends said that this mall stores are giving out things with cheap prices. Sadly, they are lacking of mall’s cleaning and condition service. There are issues that the place is smelly. Some said that every single thing in this world is not perfect. Greenbelt has won their designs and cheap stuffs, but not the grooming. But, coming into this place just for a new bright ideas for design class and study is not a bad idea to start with

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