Wakatobi Island: Under the Water and Above the Water Beauty

Posted on Mar 8 2014 - 11:24am by Shem MD

Most foreign tourists only know Bali as a part of the famous and popular destinations in Indonesia. However, do you know that there is way more beautiful place in Indonesia? It is Wakatobi, an island that serves you authentic natural beauty of Indonesia’s nature. The name of Wakatobi is derived from the islands of Wangi-Wangi (local people called it Wanci), Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko that exist there. To reach Wakatobi, you may choose between air or water transportation (it’s just 2 hours from Bali island), but the best option should be using a boat, where you can enjoy or relax yourself while sightseeing, while the boat is passing through the sea.


Increasing popularity as a premium vacation spot

Wakatobi begins to gain its status as a premium vacation spot now, since it offers various holiday options, including diving, sightseeing, canoeing, exploring the exotica of the island, and many more. Wakatobi is also the name of national park, which becomes the home of coral reef, marine biodiversities along 600 km of the island’s territory. From the 850 known coral species in the world, 750 of them are in the Wakatobi.


Can you imagine how beautiful this island, then? These diversities become one of the major attractions for both domestic and foreign tourists to spend their quality time in this island. Frankly speaking, Wakatobi is actually located in s remote area with lack of infrastructure; but that is the interesting part. With fewer people and building operations around you, you will get the most private and exclusive time during your vacation in this area.

Adventurous Spots in Wakatobi

  • Diving

If you love outdoor activities, you can rent a boat that offers you sailing comfort and enables you to dive into the beautiful sea, snorkel or swim. This way, you can enjoy Indonesia’s paradise under water.

Wakatobi Diving

  • Cultural attractions

This island also provides cultural tourism spots that become special attractions for the tourists. There is old Dirkaton Lia mosque located in Wangsel sub district, Kraton Bente mosque in Kaledupa sub district as the Islam missionary historical heritage sites. Enjoying yourself under the sun deck; seeing the sunset is relaxing, while talking about your days with the loved one.

  • Above-the-water attractions

Another interesting place to spend your above-the-water vacation in Wakatobi is visiting a genuine sea gypsy village. Here, you can spend your hours exploring the lifestyle of the local forger, producing fine local weapon such as ‘Keris’, or learning how the traditional industry produces Sarong. Although it is not an extremely adventurous experience, you can check out the culture and customs of the local people, and interact with them. Of course, this is rather entertaining.


Visiting Wakatobi would be the best thing to do around March until December. During the summer months is the best time to dive or spot pilot whales. The weather is not very cold, yet you will still be able to feel a refreshing shower during the first and last months of the season. What is vacation without tasting fine local cuisine? In Wakatobi, you can enjoy traditional foods such as Kasoami, Kambalu, Kauolo, and many more.

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