European street food: The definite guide

Posted on Jul 1 2015 - 4:01am by Adam Meaden

Every country is renown for their own takes on culture and society, and food plays just as an important role in that as everything else. So when travelling around Europe, what are the definite foods you really need to try out to get a real taste of the country you’re in?

As good as visiting restaurants and exclusive bars are, the best way to capture the true and authentic local tastes of the country are to sample the street food on offer. Not only will the food be relatively cheap, it will be made with love and care by locals and will be the best representation of what foods the country has to offer. Thankfully, Wimdu have created an infographic that looks into some of the ultimate street foods to try when travelling around Europe.

Visiting Spain? Make sure to check out the popular, homemade doughnuts known as Churros. Usually costing around €1.50, the dish makes for a great desert whilst roaming around the late-night street markets or perfect alongside a coffee after a long day.

Meat-filled pastries are a local specialty in Bosnia & Herzegovina which are served all throughout the day and night. For €2.50, one portion will either help to start your day off as a satisfying and fulfilling breakfast alongside some plain yoghurt or would be perfect for ending a night out and helping to soak up alcohol.

The sound of oil balls might not sound very enticing or healthy but seriously, you need to try the oliebollen when visiting the Netherlands. Traditionally crammed with a tasty mixture of spices and fruits, these tasty treats are the ultimate dutch sweet and will usually cost you less than one euro!

Making you feel hungry? Have a look at the infographic below for some more traditional selections to choose next time you go visiting Europe. Be sure to add any of your own favorites in the comments section below.


An Ultimate Guide To European Street Food [Infographic] by the team at Wimdu

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