Zadar: Whispers of History and Sea Organs

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Old town of Zadar

The City of Zadar is located in the south of Croatia. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean with a world famous harbor. Zadar is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, because of its beautiful sights and the influences of the Roman culture, which are very much visible in the city itself. Its total population is about 75,000 inhabitants. With its Romanic forum, historical buildings and long, beautiful beaches, Zadar is the ideal tourist destination.

The old town of Zadar is perfect for trips and sightseeing tours. It is located on an half isle and surrounded by Venetian walls. Especially the “fountain square” with its Corinthian statue is a must see destination. Zadar has also a lot of museums to offer, like the Museum of Science, or the Archaeological Museum of Zadar and many others. The churches in this city are also as beautiful as numerous. There is, for example, the Church of the Holy Anastasia, which was built by the Romans in the 13th century, that is famous for its paintings and well-handcrafted marble altars.


Ruins of Roman Forum and Church of St. Mary in background

From unique paintings and churches, to the most unique and interesting thing in Zadar to see, the sea organs. First installed in June 2005, the organs make a unique noise, when sea waves pressure air into the “organ holes” in the ground. As different the speed of the waves is, the different these organs sound, making a sound natural and unique, as the nature itself. Not far from the sea organs, the same architect installed a circle of 22 meters with 300 accessible glazed flagstones, which absorb the sunlight and provide an incredible light after the sunset.


Famous sea organs

Especially for sailors, Zadar is a must visit destination. The many islands which surround Zadar are ideal for people who like to discover new places and sail by their own. The untouched nature, as well as the beautiful landscape, is unique in the Zadar area. The shapes and outlines are impressive. The island Galesnjak, for example, has the shape of a heart and has an untouched nature, which just alone is worth a visit. Nin is just 17 kilometers away. This old lagoon town is connected with the mainland just by bridges. These are just two of many more islands that surround Zadar.

When you decide to visit Zadar, you will be delighted to see, that the Zemunik Airport is about 10 kilometers away from the main bus station and 12 kilometers away from the city center. It’s also possible to rent a car, if you come from a country which is allowed to drive in the European Union. There is a direct bus line between the airport and the main bus station. This line costs 25 Kuna, which is about 3 Euros or 4 Dollars. Another common transfer possibility is the taxi. The taxis are the fastest way to go around in Zadar, but will cost you about 20 Euros or 22 Dollars. If you wish to visit the districts of Borik or Diklo, it is highly recommended to use taxis to get to these districts, because if you would take the bus, you would be forced to change the bus at the bus station.


Kolovare beach

Zadar is a city which has been influenced by the Roman culture. It has a lot of beautiful churches, the Romanic forum, the old town with its Venetian walls, as well as the very individual and interesting sea organs. Zadar is a city with many specters and facets, but still modest and beautiful, and that makes it the perfect destination for your next holiday.

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