The Most Heart-shaped Island in the World

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The world is full of famous Islands which are visited by thousands and thousands of tourist every year, especially during summer holidays. Many people choose Islands over cities because they want to get away from all the city life and just enjoy nature as it is suposed to be. But not all Islands are equal. Some of them are great sailing spots, some are peaceful and relaxation and others are real party paradises. A lot of honeymooners choose Islands as a romantic getaway destination as well and what could be better then visiting the most heart-shaped Island in the world.

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What’s so special about the rocky, hard to access island without any facilities? There’s no fancy hotels, bars, no sunshade, no sun beds, not even drinkable water or toilet. Nor the beaches are the nicest. However, from 2009. the popularity of Galesnjak increases every year thanks to eagle-eyed Google Earth. Every bigger news channel broadcasted that Croatia has the heart shaped island, Galesnjak island.

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About the Island

Since then, romantic couples who visit Croatia want to share the most romantic moments at the most romantic place in the world, even to have a wedding ceremony in the shrubs and rocks. Many people who spend their sailing holidays in Croatia decide to visit this small but fascinating Island. The first record of its shape was not by Google Earth; in early 19th century Napoleon’s cartographer recorded in the Maps of Dalmatia the shape of” the Island of Love”. Island is privately owned, any visitor has to ask owner for permission to come. It is possible to camp, but is necessary to take everything with you; water, food, tent..

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Where it can be found

It is located in Pasman channel, between island of Pasman and small town Turanj near Zadar on mainland. The only way to visit Galesnjak is to rent a boat or to take a short tour with tourist boat as a stopover place. If you’re taking the small boat and want to camp there take all facilities with you. The most comfort way to visit Galesnjak is to rent a sailing boat or motor yacht. Then you can spend a whole day on the island, but have a good bed, kitchen and toilet. So, if you head to sailing in Zadar area with your partner, be sure to anchor the boat in this special place. Galesnjak may be missing a lot of things to be the perfect holiday destination, but it`s like they say – sometimes all you need is love, which can be found on the Island of Love!

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How to reach it

Best time to visit Galesnjak is during summer, when the weather is great and the sailing conditions are really good so even sailors with less experience can safely reach it. Since there are no ferries to Galesnjak, you will need to visit it with your own boat, a chartered one of with a water taxi.

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