Kornati: Nautical Paradise in Croatia

Posted on Sep 7 2016 - 11:52pm by Romeo Demes

Set amid jewel blue sea, the 89 islands, reefs and islets of the Kornati National Park create a true nautical paradise. If you want to take in all of these islands then your slalom sailing skills will be well and truly put to the test.

About the Kornati National Park

The idea for creating a National Park in Kornati was first mooted in 1965. From the very beginning, the aim with this national park was to preserve a region of unspoiled natural beauty. Sheep farming and wine making used to be the main pursuits on these islands, however now restaurants, tourist guest houses and welcoming bays are the main attractions in Kornati – alongside the gorgeous scenery of the Adriatic coast.

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Amazing natural beauty

The Kornati National Park is home to some wonderful biodiversity. Species of particular interest that you will find in this area include the Eagle Owl and the Yellow Legged Gull. There are no less than eighteen different butterfly species spread out amongst the islands and plenty of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and beautiful plants. Whether you want to explore some caves or stroll on a sunny beach, take a dip in the inviting waters of the sea or go bird watching amid wildflowers on a grassy plain, this National Park will have plenty for you. This national park is also home to some very intriguing geological features, and so geologists come from far and wide throughout the year to unearth fossils, crystals and exciting rock strata.

A rich palimpsest of history

These islands are steeped in history. Before the Croats arrived around a century ago, there were Neolithic and Paleolithic populations, for instance, and the ways in which the various cultures have interacted over the years have resulted in a wonderfully diverse cultural atmosphere. Make sure to take a look at the traditional houses and pastures when you visit these islands, and to try a traditional dish or two at once of the delectable restaurants on the larger islands (there are over 20 restaurants to choose from so you will not go hungry!). There is so much to explore here!

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A nautical paradise

As you can tell from the above, the Kornati National Park most certainly lives up to the epithet of ‘a nautical paradise‘. Combining natural beauty with biodiversity, and ample opportunities for sailing and water sports with a relaxed and culturally rich way of life, this National Park is a very desirable holiday destination. So why not pay a visit to the islands for your next holiday? You can either rent a yacht in Croatia and go exploring on your own or book a guided boat tour. Remember to bear in mind that an island pass will be needed in order to visit any and all of the islands that comprise this marine park.

Everyone who comes to Kornati discovers something new, whether that is a butterfly or a flower, a great spot for swimming or having a picnic or a wonderful geological feature. What will you discover when you decide to take a boat trip around the gorgeous islands of Croatia’s most famous ‘nautical paradise’?

Romeo Demes

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